Loosing Weight With Craft Beer

craft beer

Since it’s rugby season, Craft beer festivals are happening everywhere.  Craft beer is essentially good for your health, made of natural products.
Here are a few interesting facts why craft beer can be good for your health and tips on how to enjoy beer festivals without gaining the extra weight.

Sparkling water, sourced from glacial palaces or filtered through age-old rock formations, serves as the base. Grain and hops spring from the soil. Wort converts into beer through the action of yeast rich in B vitamins. Beer is sometimes aged on fruit, or enriched with the addition of spices that benefit the nervous system. Liquid gold is full of isoflavonoids and phytochemicals, giving it the chutzpah to ward-off disease.

In moderation, beer serves as a relaxant and social lubricant. As a source of dietary silicon, it assists as a building block for bone formation and benefits the body’s system of connective tissues. The yeast in beer increases vitamin B6 in the blood plasma. High-density lipoproteins or HDLs – the good cholesterol – increases in the bodies of moderate beer drinkers. This is important because HDLs help to remove LDL cholesterol – the destructive cholesterol – from the bloodstream. In fact, those who develop regular beer-drinking habits enjoy better heart health than those who completely abstain. So why would anyone eliminate beer when embarking on a journey toward better health?

“You have to understand portion control.” This phrase is a key to success, whether you are serving others with culinary delights or designing your own package for good health.

Allow yourself some slack, too. If you go all-out at a beer fest eating cheese, chocolate, sausages, and desserts while tasting every beer in the festival hall, take a vacation from the scale for three days.

Tips to remember:

  • We make poor food choices when we’re drinking. To give yourself the best chance for success, fill up on healthy foods before going to the bar.
  • Going for a run is a pretty solid hangover cure. Probably the last thing you want to do after a night of enjoying craft beer is get up and go for a run. But, it really does help to “sweat it out” so to speak. You will actually feel better than you would have had you just laid around for that 30-40 minutes. In fact, it’s recommended to do a steady-state workout, such a a slow run, when hungover so the rest of your body has time to recover.
  • End off your day with  a good cup of coffee, which burns fat cells.
  • Drink lots of water during the day and keep hydrated.

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Health Tip: Drink liver pills before alcohol consumption.





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