L’ormarins Queens Plate 2015



lqp2015Another successfully awesome day out at the Kennilworth Race Course, Cape Town. Besides the Horse Racing events that happen throughout the day, there is so much more to look forward toEvery year, we tend to go to the ‘Stud Club’ tent. Even though you pay a bit more for the tickets, It’s always the easiest to buy refreshments and to have a bite to eat to prepare you for the day ahead. The tent has spectacular views of the racing, and loads of seating for relax and enjoy yourself.

My absolute favourite part of the day is seeing what every one has worn for the ‘Blue & White’ dress code, and I must say, Cape Town has so many gorgeous people, everyone looked top class! The Décor seems to surprise us every year, it was done so beautifully from the minute you walk through the entrance, to the various tents and lounges.

The food was great, easy to eat snacks for the ladies, and a buffet of meals for the men to full up on. The service was also outstanding, there were waiters and waitresses walking around throughout the whole day.

I was pleased by the event over all, the atmosphere was great, and when the racing events had ended everyone moved through to the style lounge to dance and celebrate on their winnings!

Until Next Year LQP!

Left: Cara Frew, Right: Samantha Taylor
Left: Cara Frew, Middle: South African Music Artist Jimmy Nevis, Right: Samantha Taylor
From Left to Right: Simon du Toit, Charlie Mossop, Garth Peterson, Simon Bridges
Kerri-lee Taylor & Kimberly Grey
Stefni Grey, Kerri-lee Taylor, Kimberly Grey, Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor, Kerri-lee Taylor, Sasha Muller, Stephan Rae







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