Maintaining The Perfect Blonde Shade

Wether you are a natural or a highlighted blonde, we all know how maintaining those beautiful locks can be hard, and sometimes very frustrating too! Which is why I have compiled some tips on keeping them looking gorgeous this summer, and hassle free, too! 

In previous posts, we have listed many ways to look after your hair, like the good old: Protect it from heat styling, trim your hair every so often etc etc… So this time around we decided to focus on our blonde babes, who need a little extra care with their colour. Below are our top tips:

Protect It

Protect your hair from the harmful summer sun! These UV rays tend to discolour the hair while damaging the strands, leaving the hair feeling brittle and the ends split. There are many ways to avoid the harsh sun on your head by wearing a hat, or simply staying under the umbrella.

Don’t use hair accessories that cause damage. Have you seen the amazing Invisibobble hair tie? The traceless hair ring that is kind to your hair. For all hair types, no matter how curly, thick, straight or thin.

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Wash Less

Just like pretty much anything that has been dyed, as you know, over time the colours start to fade. This goes for hair colour too! First of all, it is not healthy to wash your hair every single day, and we know some of you wash twice a day even (especially the men). Try wash your hair as little as possible! I wash mine every two days which is the recommended number of days before it starts getting greasy.

Treat It

The last thing you want to do is put more chemicals into chemically treated hair, so why not go for something a bit more natural like Coconut Oil!

This wonder of the world is one of my very favourite things to use in my everyday life. Use coconut oil once a week on hair that needs a bit of a rescue! Massage it into the hair and scalp and leave it over night. Not only does it treat the hair, but it is so healthy for your scalp, and it helps promote hair growth.

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Make Your Highlights Last

A good quality shampoo and conditioner is very important! I have been using the Goldwell Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.

Anti-Brassiness Shampoo

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Neutralizes unwanted yellow tones

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Anti-Brassiness Conditioner

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Detangles the hair

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  1. Vanessa Avatar

    Will pass this onto my beautiful blond friends!
    I am a brunette. .. any tips? Do you know if the John Frieda products that can be used in the shower are in store as yet?

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