Try These Makeup Products For A Perfect Finish

I thought i should do another update on my recent favorites (seeing as though they seem to be changing daily). I just love trying different products! I try not to repeat the products that i have posted about in the past so if you would like to see those you can flip back through my blogs. 

But for now, you have to try these make up products!

1. Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Primer

I never really understood the Hype around primers until i tried and tested them myself. I have been using the Estee Lauder Primer for a while, and been so happy with it, but thought i would give something else a try.

Smashbox is pretty much known for their Primers. Everytime i looked at beauty blogs somewhere along the line a Smashbox Primer would pop up, so its only fair to them that i too give them some recognition, right?

I decided to go for the Luminizing one, because during these cold winter months, i lack a lot of Vitamin D, which results in my skin looking fairy dull. The Luminizing Primer has got a shimmery tint to it, and is silky soft!

2. The Original Beauty Blender

Another world-renowned make up Hype! You may have come across these pretty pink sponges in your local cosmetic stores, for as cheap as R30.00, but please don’t be fooled by the difference between quality and quantity. Even though its really cheap, these don’t work nearly as well as the Original Beauty Blender ©, which can be purchased HERE.

The beauty blender can be used for many things, such as a foundation sponge, to apply your concealer, and even to get that perfect contour up to scratch. It helps you apply your foundation so easily that you don’t have to worry about those ugly lines that happen along the way.

3. Clinique ‘High Lengths’ Mascara

I spend my life (and money) looking for the next best Mascara. My eyes are really sensitive so i don’t enjoy using anything potent, i prefer looking for mascara that is non-allergenic. A family member of mine has the same sensitive eyes as i do, and has used Clinique for years!

I gave the ‘High Lengths’ Mascara a try, purely because of the bristles, they are absolutely clump-free, and they give your lashes such a beautiful natural, yet extra-long look.

4. Make Up Eraser

Save the best for last? YES.. Plus you can purchase it HERE.

Have you ever thought ‘i wish some really clever person came up with a way to wash makeup off in seconds’. If i can vow for the rest of the ladies in this world, i would say the worst part of your day is just wanting to go climb in bed, but you know you still have to do your beauty regime which includes taking off your makeup…

Well, its safe to say that I worship this product.. And also that really clever person that came up with the product. This pretty pink cloth, literally only needs WATER. It removes every morsel of make up, including waterproof make up. Without having the struggle of having to use cotton pads and makeup remover, you just wet, and wipe. As simple as that!

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