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Welcome to the world of the Mdzananda Animal Clinic – the only permanent, veterinary council registered animal clinic in Khayelitsha, a township area just outside Cape Town, South Africa, home to more than a million people.

Highly respected and supported by the people they serve, Mdzananda Animal Clinic was founded in 1996 in response to the need to provide veterinary care to a fast growing community that had no access to help for their animals. Today the clinic serves up to 1000 animals per month through consultations, surgery, hospitalization, x-rays and mobile clinics for sick and injured animals, primarily dogs and cats.

It is often of the opinion that people in townships should not own pets. We have a different opinion. Anyone who visits Mdzananda has the pleasure of meeting owners who adore their animals.

Lack of education and funds result in neglect, illnesses and injuries. These include, but are not limited to fleas, ticks, starvation, motor vehicle accidents, dog fights, illnesses that could have been prevented if pets were vaccinated and many unwanted litters. Mdzananda works on educating the community while providing low cost veterinary services.

Apart from veterinary services the Mdzananda Animal Clinic has an emergency ambulance service, performs continuous sterilizations, investigates and responds to cases of abuse and neglect, re-homes pets and hosts community events. We have a strong focus on community empowerment and education and focus on understanding the community’s needs, embracing this, gaining their respect and trust.

A community that loves animals is a healthy community. By looking after an animal people learn responsibility, respect for life, compassion and non-violence. These are valuable attributes which flow over into everyday life.

The Mdzananda Animal Clinic is made possible by IFAW (International Fund of Animal Welfare) since 2003 and individual donors and supporters.

Please support us with a donation or by voting for us on the Vote 4 Charity run by click HERE.

From all the dogs and cats at Mdzananda, “Woof woof meow”, translated as “Thank you!”

Sms DONATE DOG to 48748 at R10 or 40580 at R20

Find us here:

Fundraising & Communications: Marcelle van Zyl –
Banking details: Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, 075595710, Rondebosch, Code 025009

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