My Journey To A Natural Lifestyle – Part 3

In the final part of the true story of one woman’s personal journey, we catch up with Cindy having embarked on a wellness program that helped her to lose weight and gain a new insight on her life. But where to next…

So who says the journey will be easy, or the road straight? In my last blog, I shared the wellness program I embarked on for 9 weeks which created a new high and passion for a natural lifestyle. Having lost 8.2 kilograms, and many centimeters (in the right places), the energy and feeling of lightness created through this process has been nothing short of miraculous.

Looking back on the level of health and discord I had allowed my life to get to, it is almost unimaginable to me now. It feels like another person’s life I’m talking about. Always dubbed the ‘sensible one’ by my family, I coped with everything that life threw at me with a determination and positive attitude inherited from both my parents. That attitude definitely paid off and contributed to my development as an individual.

So back to the unanswered question…. Where to from here?

In a way, the answer was there all the time. I just couldn’t see it.

I had invested in an aromatherapy manufacturing business some time before, and with my new found freedom, I decided to get fully involved rather than just being a hands-off investor. It seemed as though the Universe was paving the road for me almost without me having to do anything. To add to this revelation, the business’ manager decided to resign right at the time when I decided to get more involved. And again, it seemed to be just the perfect timing, as though someone was orchestrating this path.

One of the lessons I have learned along this journey is that the possibilities and avenues for change are there right in front of you all the time, but while you are self- or otherwise absorbed, it is impossible to see them – and they pass silently by.


Part of my journey is to find simplicity. Simplicity in life. Simplicity in living. Not to opt out of modern living, or become a recluse, but rather to find and celebrate the simple joys in life; be it making a vibrant colourful energy-giving meal for family or friends, or walking on the beach watching the endless crashing of the waves as they roll up the sand only to slide silently back to where they were once powerful. To sit in a sunbeam and doodle.


To dream.

My goals are simple too.

Natural Lifestyle

· Experience simple joys everyday
· Surround yourself with positive influences
· Make time for relaxation
· Learn a new skill, often
· Be vigilant to negative habits
· Become an entrepreneur


It’s a slow start. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, and only afterwards realize that it was wasted energy.

Here are my 5 tips for recognizing that you may need to change your life:

1. Making excuses (again) when you miss the gala, dinner, family function
2. Waking up and checking your email on your smart phone
3. Taking your laptop on holiday, and using it too often
4. Believing your own ‘No one can do it as well as I can’ myth
5. ‘Using’ anything you have to buy as a coping crutch

If you are regularly doing 3 of these, my suggestion is that you’re missing out on life and its joyful expression in simplicity.

Natural Lifestyle
Break the chains of bad habits

So when we started planning our next holiday, of course it wasn’t going to be a hotel somewhere with too much food, the usual excesses and not enough exercise! No, this time it was going to be an epic journey too. One filled with new experiences, interesting food and learning new cultures.


Cindy’s story is an inspiration to us at Life Retreat, and we are stocking her products. Take a look at Soothing Tummyz, Soothing Sportz and Soothing Neckz – innovative new ways to relieve muscles, aches and pains all over your body. We hope you enjoyed Cindy’s story, and found it as inspiring as we did.





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