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elixir scA vital part of being a woman, is looking after your body and your mind.  It is the key to living a life filled with fabulous.  And finding some wonderful me-time, is essential to feeding your soul.
Pampering has always been a delicious indulgence.  A wonderful treat.  Leaving one feeling revitalised, reenergised, rejuvenated and refocused.

However the trick is this – where does one go to have a spot of skin, body and beauty treating?  And which products does one use?  Does one blindly follow the masses using recognised “name” brands, made in countries other than ours, for skin not similar to ours?  Does one frequent a big spa-establishment, where lovely though the treatments are, one has the awful feeling that you’re just another face.  Just another body.  A member of a conveyor belt of clients, one melding and merging into the next.  No personal touch.  No individuality.  No attention to detail.

That is why I decided to veer off the beaten track a bit.  Explore.  And how very grateful I am that I did.

Because at the end of the rainbow, I found the pot of gold – Katrine Auld, from Honey Bella Health and Skin Care.  Situated deep behind the lentil curtain, in the heart of Kalk Bay, this little home salon is indeed worthy of mention and great praise.

The tranquil treatment room looks over the most magnificent bay.  Ships in the harbour, blue skies, iridescent seas with rolling waves, and the occasional surfer braving the breakers.  Kalk Bay has a magic all of its own.  It is post stamp tiny, which is most likely part of the appeal.  It has a holiday heartbeat 365 days of the year.  With charming little antique shops and quirky little restaurants.

But less, about Kalk Bay, and more about Honey Bella and the extremely talented Katrine.

She has honed her skill and increased her knowledge of skin care by continually exploring new products.  In addition she has worked at many different salons and Spa’s both in SA and the UK, working with numerous products.  Her time at the prestigious and well known Chelsea Harbour Club in London, and award-winning Ragdale Hall Health Spa & Hydro in Leicestershire, where she worked for five years, were both amazing opportunities for her to learn more and broaden her horizons.

But home is where the heart is, and therefore at the end of 2013, she wound her way back home, to magical South Africa, with Kalk Bay as her end sight.  And decided that rather than being just another beauty therapist, in just another salon, serving just another client, she’d far rather embark on her own journey.  Trying to fill the gap where she thought other Spa’s and salons had missed their mark.  Seeing each client as an individual, making them feel like they’re special and that they matter – because they do.  And thus Honey Bella was born.

Katrine quickly made a remarkable discovery, of an absolutely awesome range of products, called Elixir.  Made locally, by hand, by people who cared.  Made for South African skins, living under South African skies, and with a South African climate.  Organic, with an emphasis on essential oils and aromatherapy.  It was a meeting of the minds, which has resulted in the benefit of many, many skins.

Kalk Bay and her people and surrounds, have gained a gem.  The word seems to have spread.  Clients have become friends, and so the circle just continues to grow.

Because once you’ve experienced the unique Honey Bella touch and that little spark of Katrine magic, there really is no going back.  Trust me!

Please email us at for more information on booking an appointment with Katrine Aud, and take a look at all the wonderful Elixir Products you can purchase through our online store  .






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