The Protein Myth


Where do you get your protein? Due to influence of industry (any field relative to food – businesses, scientific studies, practitioners etc.) no longer are we sold food in its whole form

It has been broken down into its parts, classified in its macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat) & micronutrients (Vitamins – Vit A, B C K etc.; Minerals – Iron, magnesium, calcium etc.).

Due to breaking food down into its parts, the same vocabulary is used to sell a product and is the reason why we have nutritional labels (even though most of us have no idea what the label means).

Meat is labeled as ‘protein’; fruits and vegetables are labeled for their ‘vitamins & minerals’; refined grains such as breads, pastas are labeled and sold as ‘Carbohydrates’, butters & oils are labeled and sold as ‘fats’.

By breaking whole food down into its ‘working parts’, industry has been able to manipulate our idea of how food works within the body.

We have this picture that our bodies have small protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin & mineral tanks that need to be filled up and maintained by eating the food that holds these ‘nutrients’ – like filling a car engine with diesel and oil, air for tyres etc. Food classification, by its perceived ‘nutrients’, is also the reason is why we have a food pyramid and what creates the belief of combining foods to meet a ‘full meal’.

This mechanical view of food and its components is so widely spread that a whole new way of food was developed – processing and fortifying food to fulfill perceived nutrient demands. It is why we have a vitamin industry that sells fish oil capsules and Vitamin A to Zinc in one pill etc., it gave rise to the sports nutrition supplement industry, selling isolated Whey protein and Creatine etc.

Trust the perceived intelligence of a human to think they can create a ‘superior form of food’ in a few centuries over the intelligence of trees/plants that have evolved for millions of years to produce a food that works for the rest of nature!

Our food digressed from whole food, into broken down food parts mixed together to be the ‘perfect tailored foods’. The labeling of food components rather than whole food, is what causes so many misconceptions within understanding our diets.

Here is the reality of protein, no human needs to eat protein, we need to eat what the protein is made up of – amino acids. Humans, like every other living organism (both plant & animal) make their own proteins to fulfill the metabolic and structural requirements for their bodies. What humans need are amino acids – which are the building blocks of all protein, in all forms of life.

Imagine amino acids as tiny Lego pieces that can be built into any number of Lego protein structures. All living life utilizes the same amino acids/Lego blocks to build and tailor their own specific Lego protein requirements.

The human body requires 20 different amino acids that can be combined in a million different ways to fulfill the bodies’ protein requirement. Once the amino acids are combined, they form chains that twist and turn to ultimately form a protein molecule – the protein molecule then gets to work in the body.

Of the 20 amino acids needed, 11 are non-essential & 9 are essential. Non-essential amino acids are called non-essential because the body has the ability to make these amino acids itself by synthesizing other nutrients, the other 9 are called essential because the body cannot make them and can only acquire them through eating them directly.

11 non-essential amino acids (body makes them) + 9 essential amino acids (body cant make) = 20 amino acids (catalogued profile for building different proteins)

The human body is so amazing, that the reason it decided not to make all the amino acids itself, is because the 9 essential are so abundant in all forms of life both plants and animals that it realized it could just get them from eating them directly.

We are sold the idea that we need protein and therefore need to eat protein directly from animals. Remember, no one needs to eat protein; we make protein from amino acids that the body makes itself or eats directly.

The idea of eating protein to make protein is as ludicrous of an idea, as expecting to eat the brains of another animal to grow your own brain, or to drink the blood of another animal to increase the amount of your own blood (there are still some cultures that believe this). The majority belief is that eating the leanest, grass fed, humanely raised form of  ‘animal protein’ is the best way to replenish our own ‘protein’ requirements. By that logic, the most superior form of ‘protein’ on earth for a human would be to eat another human, preferably an athlete or bodybuilder, who is perceived to have the best quality ‘protein’ that most similarly matches our own ‘protein’. We should all know that cannibalism is not a healthy or superior dietary choice (there are some cultures who still believe in this too)

It goes back to the initial flaw and misconception caused by breaking food down into its components and thinking that we need to fulfill our nutritional needs by eating the food component, be it protein, fat, carbohydrate etc. The human body reorders everything we eat, into something it can work with, all the way down to the atomic level of food properties, and I would go even further, to say the vibrational energy inherent within each atom of food. Most of the requirements for our protein don’t even come from eating other proteins; they come from eating entirely different nutrients.

In conclusion protein is not something we need to eat, it is something our body creates and is done through eating other foods and the body synthesizing other food parts. The only part of ‘protein’ that the body needs to eat are those 9 essential amino acids and they are prevalent in all life forms, both plant and animal – grass even has the amino acids we use, it is the reason why a cow ultimately has the amino acid profile that humans use too. All life shares the same amino acid requirements, what differs is how the amino acids are packaged to form proteins.

It is for this reason that I have been vegan for 5 years, raw vegan for 1.5 years and have not died from kwashikor or suffered from any other deficiency. I cycled the African continent as a vegan at 100 km average cycling days for 4 months of a total 9000km cycled. I paddled the Amazon River, at 60 km per day average for 1 month at 1800 km total. I do not take any supplements, or vitamins; my only doctor visits in the last 6 years were when I was shot and when I had to get yellow fever vaccinations. I have not had the flu or disease in 6 years – I used to get flu every season when eating animal based diet. I, like so many others who follow a plant based diet are literal walking, healthy living contradictions to most of the dietary propaganda fed to the Westernized majority.

Its time to be liberated and unshackled from limiting beliefs induced by industry, be free from ignorant view points and embrace new forms of living.

Written By : Davey Du Plessis






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