Revitalising The Skin With Vitamin C

Growing up, your mother probably told you to “drink all your juice.”  She did it because her mother did it and so on. Well the logic behind that daily glass of juice was good. Most mothers think a good daily supply of vitamin C can help fight off infection. But this is not all. It’s great for the skin too. Hence, Dermaceutic  have launched a new serum containing Vitamin C.



The new Tri Vita C30 serum

Vitamin C is definitely a skin benefit powerhouse. It promotes collagen production, supports collagen structure and fades hyper-pigmentation. Furthermore, it protects skin cells from UV damage and reveals brighter, healthier smoother skin. But, because most Vitamin C products are inefficient, new Tri Vita C30 serum was launched. It currently has the highest TVC30 at 30%.


How is this vitamin C different in this serum compared to other products?

Tri Vita C30 serum contains 3 different types of vitamin C:

1.  15% L-Ascorbic Acid:

  • Acts as antioxidant on the superficial epidermis
  • Intense anti-radical against UVB
  • Helps in production of collagen

2.  14,5% Ascorbyl Silanol:

  • Combination of Silanol and vitamin C
  • For superior anti-radical and anti-aging actions due to a deep penetration of vitamin C
  • Cell resistance against free radicals
  • Restructuring of dermal tissue

3.  0,5% Ascorbyl Ester:

  • Double age defense – limits collagen degradation & proliferation of melanin
  • Optimum protection against UVA
  • Synthesis of collagen
  • Limits melanin production

The Tri Vita C30 serum contains vitamin C and E. This is because Vitamin C recharges vitamin E like a cell phone and charger. Also, Tri Vita C30 deeply penetrates the epidermis and dermis. It can help revitalize dull ageing skin. It’s also great for mottled pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. All you need to do is apply mornings and evenings under Dermaceutic moisturizer and sun protection.


Vitamin c

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