Robbie Maddison Surfs On His Motorcycle

Robbie Maddison Makes History – Surfs A Wave On His Motorcycle

When i was told about what Robbie Maddison had done, i thought it was a big joke, i mean how is it possible to surf the ocean on a motorcycle? After watching this video it all made sense, and it’s incredible! Robbie Maddison made his ‘Pipe Dream’ after 4 years of practice



When Robbie Maddison says he’s going to do something, you’d better believe him. Considered by many to be the modern-day Evel Knievel, the charismatic 34-year-old from Australia has successfully transitioned from pro motocross racer to freestyle star to stuntman and daredevil extraordinaire. Through the years, Maddo has captivated audiences around the world with his limitless courage and never-ending creativity, but his most recent endeavor—Pipe Dreams, presented by DC Shoes and co-produced by Robbie Maddison Entertainment—takes everything to a whole new level and stretches the imagination.





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  1. Trish Taylor Avatar

    This is unbelievable

  2. Maria S Avatar
    Maria S

    this is just totally insane guys

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Right!? I still can’t believe this. Thanks for your comments Maria. Keep reading.

  3. Joshua Avatar


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