Seven Foods With Beauty Benefits

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When you look in the mirror without make up, do you look your age? Are you relying on beauty defying products or are you eating to keep our skin looking younger and healthier? If you’re eating right then you’re on the right path. After all, “You are what you eat.”

So, no matter how many serums and beauty products you use, remember, what goes in your mouth has the strongest influence on what shows up on your skin! 



Seven of my favorite beauty super foods

1. Carrots

Your body converts carotenoids in carrots to vitamin A.This then protects your tissues, cells and skin from environmental toxins and sun damage.

2. Walnuts

The omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts help strengthen skin making it smoother and younger looking.

3. Garlic

Allicin found in garlic, has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that help maintain a clear complexion.

4. Tomatoes

These are packed with anti-inflammatory lycopene. Furthermore, they are also a high-carotenoid fruit. Thus, help slow down cellular damage from free radicals.

5. Oysters

Zinc deficiency causes of acne. Oysters are loaded with zinc to repair and renew skin and nails.

6. Kiwis

These are a rich source of vitamin C which not only helps promote collage growth but prevents free radical damage.

7. Matcha Powder Green Tea

Matcha powder is a super detoxifier due to its high levels of chlorophyll. Furthermore, it protects the body from inflammation, thus minimizing acne breakouts. In addition, the antioxidant in matcha helps slow skin cell degeneration, thus, keeping the skin from ageing, and also promoting smoother, tighter and moisturized skin.

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