My Silver Stallion Tee

silver stallion

Take a look at my beautiful personalised t-shirt that a dear friend of mine made for me! I have been following his successes for the past year or two, and feel completely inspired by this Individual.

Silver Stallion Thread Co. is a locally designed and manufactured clothing label. The brand is a passion project and built around the pursuit of an inspirational lifestyle, one that is rooted in originality and built on the foundations of classic quality and style.

Each garment is manufactured locally in South Africa from imported fabric sourced around the country. They take great care to ensure each garment is produced to the highest possible standards.  All printing is done by hand for an authentic finish.

My special little message on my tee ‘For an Angel names SamRayTay, Only a life lived for others is a life worth while’


“Style whispers, never shouts, yet remains strong, expressive and evident.”








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    My Silver Stallion Tee : Life Retreat | South Africa

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    My Silver Stallion Tee : Life Retreat | South Africa

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    This is the most beautiful, personalised T

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