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Skinny Juicing Benefits

Strong Immune System:

Juicing is one of the most effective ways of getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to kick drive your immune system into gear. Your body needs to detox and get rid of all the toxins that build up over time. Juice fasts are perfect for a deep cleanse and purification.

Skinny Cleanses

If you are a juice fast virgin or a cleanse pro we want to make sure we set you up for 100% success. We know everyone’s body’s are all different and react in different ways so you can select the cleanse you prefer as you know your body the best.

After completing a 5 day Skinny Juice Cleanse, I can highly recommend it.  I feel detoxed, healthy and energised.

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We deliver frozen and packaged to your door anywhere in South Africa.  All you have to do is put them straight into your freezer, and drink the numbered juices in order.  I suggest drinking a warm glass of lemon juice in between.

The Skinny Juice Co have worked hard to create 4 different juice cleanses to suit almost every lifestyle. Each cleanse program is designed to keep you going even when you are at your busiest. The Skinny Juice Co. delivers your juices frozen as this ensures you are drinking only the freshest, nutrient-dense pressed juice. Skinnies are there to replace all meals and snacks for the duration of your cleanse, and in order to feel the full reward you need to cut out alcohol, caffeine and nicotine completely.

This is all about ridding your body of toxin build up and feeding it only pure nutrients. Our Skinny Juices are numbered in the order you should drink it in. The first 3 days of any juice cleanse is the hardest but once you push through you will love the results.

Come Back to Earth

Skinny Root 

Feel grounded again with a Skinny Root! It’s lovely orange glow gives you loads of beta-carotene and marries the popular duo carrots with ginger – a potent digestive and anti-inflammatory aid. Adding in the sweetness of phytonutrients in apples rounds out the juice flavour perfectly.

Botox in a Bottle

Skinny Burner 

Botox in a bottle! Our Skinny Burner is packed with all natural fat burning ingredients. This enzyme rich juice is filled with phytonutrients and bromelin which helps to reduce inflammation. A pinch of Cayenne Pepper is added to get your blood moving and your body burning!


Skinny D-Tox 

The Skinny D-tox is the leader of all the Skinnys!
It is packed with all your leafy greens and is the lowest in sugar.It’s the most nutritional flavour on the SJ menu. The D-tox is a deep cleanser, rich with nutrients, anti-oxidants, endogenous acids, vitamins and minerals. Clean and green. The Skinny Juice co recommends Skinny D-tox a day to keep the doc away!

Skinny Banner_Test_big

Skinny Beet 

We Heart this Beet juice! Beetroot is an anti-inflammatory and helps with restoring optimal pH to your stomach, higher immunity and more. Beets help your body to release stomach acid which aids digestion! Drink this juice when you want a snack that’s both pretty and nutritious!

Skinny Booster 

The Skinny Booster is a mix of all your berries combined into one! The superfood power of blueberries with their high concentration of antioxidants combined with the rich Vitamin C in Strawberries also acts as an immune booster.

Stay super healthy and boosted with this Skinny


Skinny Crumble

All resistance crumble when you gulp down this creamy delight! Pears are an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin E, both powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients. Pears provide a very good source of fiber along with sweet potatoes which are very low in sugar and provide you with essential dietary fiberThe dash of cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar. This is a real non cheat treat!Skinny-Crumble-300x300







25 responses to “Skinny Juice Detox & Revive”

  1. Riyaadh Saloojee Avatar

    Good Day,
    I have tried accessing the online section on the website to place an order but I get an error page does not exist does.

    I would like to find out the price for the 3 day skinny d-tox plan. Kindly include courier costs to JHB – west rand as well.



    1. Shimanga Avatar

      Good day Riyaadh,

      Apologies for that. Those were old links that I’ve updated. Please visit to order. Courier charges are available there as well.


  2. valerie Avatar

    please sent me a pricelist and order procedures.

    1. Shimanga Avatar

      Hi Valerie,

      You can order Skinny Juice on our online store.Please click on the link below for prices:

  3. Fer Avatar

    Hi I’m in capetown for a few days I would like to we’re about are u based

    1. Shimanga Avatar

      Hi Fer,

      We are at Lourensford Wine Estate, Lourensford Rd ,Somerset West. Please email for more information.

  4. Bandile Avatar

    How do i place an order and pay for 5 days detox plan? Im in durban

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Hi Bandile,

      I have emailed you with responses to your questions, but just in case you check here first, you can order the 5 Day Detox

      Alternatively, you can place an order over the phone at 087 1950 629.

      Thanks for choosing us, Bandile 🙂

  5. Bandile Avatar

    I have just relocated to durban, how much is the cost of 5 days detox juice cost , how do i make payment and how long will it take to get the juice? Pls pls pls email me pls pls pls

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Hi there Bandile,

      I have emailed you with all the information you asked for 🙂

  6. Lynette Avatar

    Great post!

  7. Trish Taylor Avatar

    I’m typing this email to you from under my duvet… I vowed that another day would not go by without me telling you how awesome I think you guys are.

    Yes… I’m hitting the sack early due partly to exhaustion and partly to avoid the kitchen.

    I am in day 2 of my Skinny Juice cleanse and my compliments of your awesomeness are as follows:

    1. Delicious beyond delicious!!!
    1. Pristine packaging. I live at a complex where there is no guard at the gate, I’d completely forgotten about the delivery times you sent me, had the courier waiting to deliver while I was on the opposite side of the city… One of the caretakers took delivery of my package and only delivered it to me the next morning, without refrigerating!!! I had a bit of a sleepless night and honestly contemplated how I could make this mishap your fault, knowing full well that it was me. Lo and behold, my box was delivered the next morning and every bottle of juice was still perfectly frozen!

    I have told everyone who will listen about Skinny Juice. I’ve been an avid juicer for the past 2 years but my machine is going straight into storage. Makes no sense for me to compete with the best juice ever!

    Thank you for the love and pride you put in every bottle.

    I’m a huge fan.

    Love and best wishes

    P.s. I hope that I loose a few grams in the process…

  8. Estelle Avatar

    Hi Trish,
    How soon can I expect delivery of juices in Pretoria after placing the order and is there an additional charge.

    1. Trish Taylor Avatar

      HI Stelle
      Thank you so much for your reply. I highly recommend the juices. I did a juice cleanse earlier this year, and plan to do another one in August, to prepare myself for spring. Delivery is a week. There is a delivery charge. Please email us on, and we will send you a quote. Have a lovely evening.

  9. nATHALIE Avatar

    Good day, Please email me the prices of the 5 day detox and your banking details please.
    I live in Durban. I cannot access via the web

    1. Trish Taylor Avatar

      HI Nathalie
      Thank you so much for your enquiry, we are emailing you all the details.
      Have a wonderful day.

  10. Trish Taylor Avatar

    Q. Why juice?
    A. Many people suffer from digestive imbalances, which not only reduces the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients but also results in decreased immunity. 75% of the immune system is located in the digestive system. Cold pressed Juices have very few fibers and require minimal digestion as the body absorbs the nutrients immediately. Juicing allows you to consume a wide variety of fresh produce. The health benefits are astonishing! Fruit and vegetables are packed with an abundant array of nutrients. The alkalizing effects they have on our bodies are beautiful and studies have shown that when people fall ill their body is acidic. In fact, when the bodies PH balance is too acidic you are at an elevated risk of heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases. Just by juicing, you create an alkalizing state that improves your energy, digestion, mental clarity, clear skin, and an overall healthy body.

    1. angeline govindsamy Avatar
      angeline govindsamy

      Hi could you email me a price list.I live In Durban . Thanks

      1. Trish Avatar

        HI Angeline
        We have emailed you the info, but if you would like to have a look on the website at the various packages and prices, you can click here:

  11. Trish Taylor Avatar

    Q. How is the juice made?
    A. Before we produce our juice, all produce is washed thoroughly using a organic Fruit and Veg wash. All our Skinnys are hand made from only the freshest produce from local farmers. We cold press our juice at a speed of 82 rpm that has no aeration and oxidization. Our juices go through a 3 stage extraction system, which retains all the vital nutrients without breaking down any of the enzymes your body needs. We then filter, bottle and freeze the juice to prevent nutritional and enzyme break down.

  12. Trish Taylor Avatar

    Q. How should I store my juice?
    A. Once you receive your Skinny Juice box please place directly into your deep freezer. These can be kept frozen for up to 6months. When you want to consume your Skinny Juice simply take them out the deep freezer and pop them into your fridge the night before so that they are ready to drink the next day. Remember if you are on the go always keep your juices cold, either in a cooler or fridge at work as they are highly perishable.

  13. Karen Avatar

    Where in Pretoria can I buy the juices and how much is it.

    1. Trish Taylor Avatar

      We can have the juices delivered pre (flash) frozen to your door, you can either order online by clicking on:, or you can call us on 0871505042 for more info

    2. Trish Taylor Avatar

      HI Karen,
      We deliver the juices to Pretoria, and all over South Africa. The come flash frozen in a polystyrene box. I did a 5 day cleanse recently, and I felt absolutely amazing afterwards. View price etc:
      For more info, you are welcome to email us on

  14. Trish Taylor Avatar

    Q. Is Skinny Juice Organic?
    A. Our Cold Pressed Juice is mostly organic where possible. We have teamed up with Organic farms in and around Cape Town to supply us with only the best fruits and veggies available. Organic produce is still very limited in terms of variety but hopefully as the Organic market grows so we will be able to offer fully organic juices.

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