Spring Has Sprung: 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

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Spring has sprung! And that not only brings with it a change in seasons, but also opportunities to de-clutter our lives in more ways than one.
Is your life feeling a little crowded? It may be time for a good ol’ Spring clean.

Here are some useful ways to dust off the cobwebs and “Spring Clean” your world:



Relook at Your Commitments

Sometimes, when we’re in the middle of a whirlwind of busyness, we don’t notice it until the whirlwind dies down. That can be pretty exhausting. We suggest taking a look at your schedule and booting off commitments that are taking up more time or energy than you can afford to lose.
This might be a tricky (and maybe even ruthless) task, but once you’ve created some breathing space in your schedule, you’re guaranteed to be freed up for some well-deserved you-time.

Tidy World, Tidy Mind

For some this isn’t such a big deal, but those who thrive under order may do well doing a physical spring clean every now and then. Have a sunny garage sale over a weekend or take your unwanted items down to your local Hospice. Encourage your neighbours to do the same.
Do this every six months and not only will you create space in your home but you’ll immediately feel de-cluttered mentally – it’s a great feeling!

Take Baby Steps

A task like this can seem a little overwhelming, but don’t fret. There are ways to kick off the process slowly so that you won’t feel too pressurised.
Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. When you break your de-clutter list down to manageable tasks, you’ll be done in no time. Whether you need to make time to have coffee with that friend you haven’t seen in a while, or your goal is to have the house de-cluttered within a month’s time, keep a calendar or a diary to track how you spend that valuable resource of yours: time.

Smell the Roses!

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Enjoy the salty sea breeze. There are plenty of spots around Cape Town that allow you to just unwind for mahala.
Whether you haul the family down for a glorious picnic in Green Point Park, or whether you spend the day soaking up some Vitamin-D down at Eden on the Bay on the West Coast, be sure not to miss out on the magnificent weather Cape Town has to offer.

Stick With It

It’s sometimes really easy to lose momentum after a big spring clean. Try not to leave the next big one for next year. Relook at your physical and mental commitments every few months and tweak things here and there.
It’s guaranteed not to be such a big job the next time round. Stick with it. It will be worth it.

Happy Spring to you and yours. And enjoy each moment.

Guest Blog by Kelly Bognar






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