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  • Free Mandala Printable – Circle

    Free Mandala Printable – Circle

    Every other (human-based) understanding of the circle symbol’s meaning stems from that moment of looking out from the eyes of the first human.

  • Colour Me Calm

    Colour Me Calm

    Stress has become part of people’s everyday lives, due to an increasingly demanding world. You have to deal with the pressure of work, the demands of your partner, the children and make time for your social obligations. While meditation, or Yoga has become a popular way for people to combat the effects of stress, many […]

  • Free Mandala Printable – The Lotus

    Free Mandala Printable – The Lotus

    In Buddhism, the Lotus is known to be associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. The flower is considered pure as it is able to emerge from murky waters in the morning and be perfectly clean. Therefore in common with Egyptian mythology the lotus is seen as a sign of rebirth, but additionally it is […]