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  • WIN A 2 Day Energetic Anatomy Course

    WIN A 2 Day Energetic Anatomy Course

    Giveaway Closed Your energetic anatomy, also called your energy body, or simply, your aura, is a three-dimensional cloud of prana that begins inside your physical body and emanates outward in all directions to form a rough outline around your body.

  • Wellness In The Workplace

    Wellness In The Workplace

    Our Corporate Wellness Days are targeted towards companies looking to manage their overall spending on employee health care and reduce the amount of productivity lost in the workplace.

  • Summer info you WANT to know

    Summer info you WANT to know

    Are excited to be a part of all the exciting happenings here at Life Retreat this summer?  Then this Summer info is one important article you need to read!

  • Princess Project

    Princess Project

    We are so passionate about this Princess Project. Every girl deserves to feel like a Princess! Last week, we did a closet spring clean and decided to donate a couple of big bags of clothing to make these ladies’ matric farewell one to remember.

  • Babies Behind Bars

      Babies Behind Bars is a Non-Profit Organization and a Public Benefit Organization which was started in 2007 to assist mothers whose children are born whilst they are serving a prison sentence.