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  • Adopting Good Skincare Habits: #SaveOurSkin

    Adopting Good Skincare Habits: #SaveOurSkin

    The #FabFive ladies recently attended the launch of La-Roche Posay South Africa at The Crystal Towers Hotel, Cape Town. With over 30 years’ research experience, La Roche-Posay has become a leading player in the development of products formulated for sensitive skin ensuring high tolerance and safety. In this way La Roche-Posay meets the requirements of over […]

  • Black Pearl – A Breakthrough In Skin Care

    Black Pearl – A Breakthrough In Skin Care

    Introducing  Black Pearl – A Breakthrough In Skin Care a revolutionary and unique complex.  It helps to retain the healthy function of the skin and prevents its ageing. 

  • Easing the Pain of Psoriasis

    Easing the pain of Psoriasi, but we can’t guarantee that they will cure it:  https://blog.blog.liferetreat.co.za/?s=Psoriasis   Psoriasis is a painful condition, affecting many people all over the world. Symptoms included raised itchy skin, bumps, lesions and patches of extreme dry skin.