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  • 3 Stages Of Stress

    3 Stages Of Stress

    Since, I am doing my very best to live a stress free life,  I thought I would share some information on the 3 stages of stress.  The more aware we are of our coping mechanisms, and our stress levels, them more we are able to keep calm, and keep our stress under control.

  • Clear Your Clutter – Book Review

    Clear Your Clutter – Book Review

    Clear Your Clutter by Kate Emmerson This book could not have come at a better time. I am in the process of clearing clutter and that involves some hard decisions: what do I keep and what do I throw out? Do I really need to keep my (adult) children’s hand-made cards from pre-school? Yes. And […]

  • Self-Sabotage & Limiting Beliefs

    Self-Sabotage & Limiting Beliefs

    Mostly, these limiting beliefs and sabotage programs are unconscious thinking. Something we learn and internalise from childhood, as a result of hearing and seeing our parents, teachers and preachers.  And, from our own interpretation, of our personal experience, and what that means about how the world works.