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  • 10 Holiday Skin Care Tips

    10 Holiday Skin Care Tips

    The holidays should be called”chillaxidays”’ because the sole purpose of being away from the daily stress of working, running a household and coping with life in general is to kick back and do only the things you really feel like doing. But let’s also get real. You can’t go totally overboard, a modicum of rational […]

  • Self Tan vs. Sun Tan

    Self Tan vs. Sun Tan

    Here comes the sun. And with it comes a lot of controversies. Is it really good or bad for you? Well, when it comes to your skin, it can be extremely harmful. Regardless of damaging your epidermis, causing wrinkles, sunspots and giving skin a leathery appearance, it’s also responsible for skin cancer, (malignant melanoma), cancer […]