Tattoos – 18 Interesting Facts


Tattoos – 18 Interesting Facts:  Years ago, tattoos were the stamp of only rebels, jailbirds, gang members, sailors & outcasts. But, today, many people of all ages and walks of life are proudly displaying their exciting tattoos.


1) L E L C – Live Embrace HTKTSG Love Cherish

Our blog is named after our family tattoo. Each of our precious children chose a word to symbolise themselves. After vowing never to have a tattoo, I proudly wear my Tattoo inked onto my foot.

2) What does Tattoo mean?

The word tattoo can be traced back to the Polynesian noun, “tatau”, which means “puncture mark made on skin”.

3) History of Tattoos

They went right back to the stone age and were present in most cultures. The 1st tattoo gun can be traced back to 1891.

4) Tattooing

When getting a tattoo, your skin is pricked between 50 to 3 000 times per minute by the needle in the tattoo machine.

5) Ancient Egypt

Tattoos were used to differentiate enslaved people from peasants.

Egyptian Symbols

6) Tattoos were illegal

From 1961 to 19997, tattooing was illegal in New York City, forcing many tattoo parlours to go underground. In addition, this was enforced by the Dept of Health following an outbreak of hepatitis b.

7) Sterilisation

It is essential to make disposable needles and materials necessary to prevent infection.

8) Henna Tattoos

Offer a temporary alternative for those who do not wish to have a permanent tattoo. The dye is derived from the Henna plant. The colour ranges anything from light orange to dark red. Black henna is made from artificial ingredients and can be highly toxic.

Eye-line tattoos

12) Illustrated Lady

Julia Gnuse suffered from Porphyria. She started tattooing her body to cover up the scarring caused by her medication and now literally has tattoos from head to toe.

13) Macy’s dept store

The logo is a red star taken from the Tattoo on the founder’s arm, R.H Macy.

14) Sponsorship Tattoos

Over the years, their companies have paid some employees to tattoo the company logos onto their bodies.

15) Angels & Hearts

These are the most commonly tattooed pictures.

Common tattoos

16) Tattoo Removal

Laser surgery is the most successful technique.

17) Vegan Tattoo Parlours

It May sound bizarre, but in fact, there are a few. Because tattoo ink is made from bone char (burnt animal bones) and sometimes from the resin of shellac beetles.

18) Prison and Gang tattoos

The equipment is usually makeshift and can be anything from a ballpoint pen to a paper clip. The different designs of prison tattoos often symbolise which gang they belong to. The “ink” is usually made of soot or melted boot heels.

The sun is not only damaging to your skin but also causes tattoos to fade faster.

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