Technophiles Rejoice – We Are Expanding


As part of our dedication to bringing you products in line with happiness, well-being, fashion and nutrition, we are pleased to announce that we are bringing in a range of technological products. But you don’t need to be technophiles to love our products!

Technology covers a huge range of products nowadays, and is not solely based around laptops and PC’s. You can now get fitness, nutrition, and even fashion technology. As such we aim to bring to you technology that covers many different areas of life.

So have a look at Life Retreat’s brand new tech area here, and take a look at some of our products below…

Power Bank Gift Set
Optimus Gift Sets
Razor Memory Stick
Razor Memory Sticks
Bottle Buddy Wine Opener
Homeware Tech
Balmain Bergerac Gift Set
Balmain Set
Flameless Candles
Flameless Candles!
3 Way Connector
Phone Chargers

This is just a taster of what’s to come. Whether you’re technophiles or not, we would love to hear from you regarding the sort of tech products or gadgets you would like to see in our store, and also the type of items you want us to blog about. Please share and comment in the section below.





5 responses to “Technophiles Rejoice – We Are Expanding”

  1. Trish Taylor Avatar

    HI Willem, thanks so much for your feedback. We will do our best to add these products, and keep you posted.

  2. Willem Avatar

    theres products on commercials that are kind of weight loss aid belts that simulate sit ups. Stuff like that would be interesting to me

    1. Daryl T Avatar
      Daryl T

      Have you guys thought about load shedding alternatives? Not necessarily generators but there are cool gadgets you can get that will help during load sheds

      1. Joshua Avatar

        Thanks for your comment Daryl. Load shedding is a pain so we’ll take your idea into consideration. We actually stock “Flameless Candles” right now. These are so helpful when load shedding is in the evenings, and much less dangerous than having candles all over the house.

      2. Samantha Avatar

        Hi Daryl, Thank you for bringing this to our attention, there is such a need for these kind of things. we currently have our gorgeous Flameless candle sets, as well as a battery pack to charge devices. do you have any other ideas?

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