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Nespresso Pixie Clips

These days, when we go to a coffee shop, more and more we are offered choices between Lungo, Livanto and Roma to name a few. This has given me the opportunity to find out more about the “Lingo of Lungo”.  

Or in layman’s terms, what exactly is the difference between this large variety of coffees.

I have to be honest that I do not know anything about these names, or what type of coffees they are.  I always end up ordering a medium strength cup of coffee, to be safe.


I believe that these coffee capsules, all belong to the Grand Crus set of Nespresso coffees.  Up until now, I actually thought that Grand Crus was a blend of wine, so it just shows how wrong one can be. If you are anything like me, and prefer to make informed decisions, when it comes to food, and drink, then read on.  I have done some research on these coffees, and am going to share it with you.


All of the coffees that I have mentioned below, are “Pure Origin”.  These espressos have each been sourced by the Nespresso Coffee Experts, from a single country of origin, in specially selected territories.


Bukeela ka Ethiopia. (Floral and wild)Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee, and this coffee is composed of 2 completely different Arabicas from here. This fresh Lungo has notes of unexpected musk and wood.  These Sidamo coffee beans are all hand picked, and naturally sun dried.  They are washed, and dried on raised African drying beds. The beans are then roasted in 2 parts.  Half of them are are roasted shorter and darker, while the other half are roasted longer, and lighter. The darker beans enhance the body of the coffee, and the wild musk, while the lighter ones bring out a heady perfume reminiscent of jasmine, orange blossom, and white lily. (What more could one ask for?)

  • Indriya from India. (Powerful and spicy).  

    The beans are grown in the shade of large trees, in Southern India, on high altitude plantations.  The Robusta is an extremely pure coffee, with intensity, and a slightly bitter taste. They only use perfect beans for this particular coffee, which are rigorously selected. The Arabica is lightly roasted, which preserves it’s subtle aromas.  The Robusta is well roasted, which reveals it’s intensity, and develops it’s full body.  Some of the aromas, and flavours that come through are like a spicy bouquet revealing cloves, pepper and nutmeg. A hint of cocoa filters through. (Making this all sound good enough to eat!)

Rosabaya de Colombia (Fruity and balanced)This coffee is a fine blend of individually roasted Colombian Arabicas. The varieties that make up this blend are all cultivated by small coffee growers high up in Colombia.  The beans are hand picked, and treated with the wet method which intensifies the aromas.  The coffee is dried in parchment, in an area where the climate is cold and dry, which helps to preserve it. The split roasting that the beans go through adds body, while allowing the fruity, acidic notes to come to the fore. The fruity aromas are reminiscent of wine, blackcurrants, cranberries, and red currants.  (Simply delicious! What more can I say!)



I certainly have a much better understanding of the “lingo of Lungo”. I do hope that this has helped you too.

Have You Seen The Nespresso Pixie Clips Machine?

Nespresso Pixie

As you know, Nespresso is always on trend with their coffee machines, and the latest Pixie Clips Machine does not dissapoint!

They have come up with an Eco-Friendly, Ergonomic, Ultra Fast, Uber Trendy, Intuitive, Energy Efficient Miracle Machine!

The reason why they have named this machine “Pixie Clips” is because the machine comes with various detachable clips in colours of your choice, to express your personality.

Nespresso Pixie Clips

Nespresso Pixie Clips

Nespresso Pixie Clips

Nespresso Pixie Clips

Nespresso Pixie Clips

Nespresso Pixie Clips


Pixie Now Comes With An Aeroccino Milk Frother

nespresso aeroccino milk frother

Capsule coffee machine with milk frother

Comes with interchangeable side panels for different looks

Heats up to temperature in just 25 to 30 seconds

Capable of creating espresso and lungo shots

Pair with the Aeroccino milk frother for cappuccinos and lattes

Optimised water flow

Automatic power off after 9 minutes

Warning indicator when water level is low

Ergonomic, compact design perfect for smaller spaces

Programmable cup size

Automatic capsule ejection

Convenient cable storage

Additional colour clip on side panel options available at Nespresso boutique stores

Nespresso Pixie Clips


Our little coffee wonder was lent to us, so that we could experience all these amazing coffee flavours.  It will be going home soon, but not before I stick a photo of it on my vision board!

Nespresso Recipes

Here is the most delicious recipe using Dulsão do Brasil coffee capsules.  There are loads more enticing recipes, where this came from.





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Nespresso is recycling capsules.  Please save yours in the special bags that they supply.  We all need to do what we can to help save the environment.  Click here to read more on this initiative.

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