The Magic Of White Shirt – 6 Stylish Ways To Wear It

White shirt

As Victoria Beckham famously quoted: “If in doubt, anything looks good with a white shirt!” Just like a petite black dress, a white shirt is an indispensable wardrobe staple for any woman!

White, which is inherently a positive color symbolizes purity, light, goodness, safety, peace, and softness. This adds more volume to any woman’s persona and aura.

Although customarily women across the globe usually restrict usage of white shirts to business wear, the beauty of a white shirt is that it can be blended into any occasion, style or disposition. It is the most versatile piece of clothing which can sport a chic-look for lunch dates. Furthermore, it’s polished-debonair look for corporate dinners and casual-wear look for summer shopping or even gym-wear!!

There are various ways to sport a white shirt – Some women go for simple white button-down shirts, some opt for cropped versions, some embrace lace, others gloss it up with streamlined in bold-shouldered poplin.

Check out below six stylish ways in which you can sport a white shirt!

White shirt with ripped denim jeans

A girly white top and denim blue distressed jean is possibly any fashion girl’s preferred outfit. It’s one of the easiest outfits to put together in a hurry. However, this white shirt and jeans combination always look completely put-together — without fail! A white shirt can easily stand out if it is designed with a silk-ruffled detail along the front.

And to sprinkle more flair to the attire, you may finish the outfit with a simple pair of tan moccasins. Also, add stylish sunglasses, and any stylish handbag.

Considering the fact that global retail industry sales of denim jeans worldwide from 2012 to 2021 is estimated to grow from 86 billion US Dollars to 130 billion US Dollars.
It is clearly evident that denim look is here to stay for decades to come!

 Also as per a study conducted by Deloitte for 2018 average retail revenue size of Top 250 companies from global retail industry is USD 17.6 billion! These statistics clearly indicate that global retail business will continue to attract buyers and grow manifold.

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White silk blouse with lacy pattern A-line skirt

Anne Hathaway truly knows how to carry a white ensemble with panache! Termed by the media as the prim-and-proper look, Hathaway wore a white silk high neck blouse and paired it with a classy lace-mesh white skirt that trailed to her shins.

She completed her look by wearing a pointy red wine colored strappy high heel.

White shirt with a grey jacket for a semi-formal look

This look is perfect for any semi-formal occasion! A  stylish V-shaped deep neck button-down white shirt with a formal grey jacket and denim jeans surely gives a stylish yet comfortable look. The look may be amplified with accessories such as a neck chain, earrings to match the jacket.

 If you have a love for wine color or red wine hot chocolate colored stilettos or moccasins, add it to the look to complete the ‘Diva’ look!

Create a look with a White shirt and waist training corset!   

You can easily give a plain silk white shirt a dramatic makeover. Simply couple it with a bold black corset and long high-waist black baggy trousers. 

Check out how Bella Hadid dons a stylish black corset to add an X-factor to her simple white shirt!   

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While Bella settled for a simple black corset, girls can experiment with other dramatic waist training corsets. These include playgirl ruby waist or blue floral waist training corset. What’s more, you can match it with contrast shrugs or jackets to suit their own persona.

Girls with curves who are aiming for weight loss usually shy away from such bold looks fearing it is not for them!

The perfect solution for such girls is the waist training corsets which can dramatically reduce the size of the waist up to 7 inches! Coupling white shirt with wine colored corset surely guarantees head turning in crowds.

Crumpled White shirt with folded sleeve coupled with military camouflage print mini skirt

Girls may add a funky look to their white shirt by folding the sleeves and wearing it like a crop top. You may pair the simple white shirt with a military camouflage print mini skirt. This would sprinkle dramatic taste to the bold look.

Consider adding silver sandals to the look to make it glamourous!! Such looks are ideal for wine and chocolate party or any casual or informal get-togethers!

White silk shirt with hot denim shorts

For daily wear, a simple white custom printed shirt knotted on waist paired with denim hot pants makes for a perfect outfit for everyday attire. Any girl can hike the style quotient with her beige sling and sunglasses which gives her the perfect casual look.

For a run on summer days! Complete the look with sneakers and your sporty-chic look is ready!!


The simplest way any woman can look great without really trying is to invest in a versatile white shirt or blouse. If you’re one of in the crowd who thinks of a plain white shirt is boring, let these above-mentioned six stylish looks be the one to correct your misconception.

A white shirt is truly both simple yet dynamic! Get one in your wardrobe now, in case you don’t already own one!

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