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sozo foundation

A non-profit organisation called  Sozo Foundation  based in impoverished Cape Flats community, Cape Town, is a foundation dedicated to create opportunities for holistic development through various key areas, youth development, education, health and well-being, and skills development. The foundation has five projects running and have an exciting project coming up called Youth Cafe, launching on 30 May 2016. Read on to find out more:


Who we are

The Sozo Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation, based in the impoverished Cape Flats community of Vrygrond, Cape Town. The Foundation creates opportunities for holistic development through various key areas: Youth, Education, Health and Skills. Our vision is to see the community of Vrygrond living with dignity, purpose and hope. We live by our motto, we help people to know they’re loved, so they can love others.

What we do

We run five core projects: Eden, Youth Café, Lifeskills and Design.

How we do it

For our work to be sustainable for years to come, forming deep and lasting relationships with community members is essential, which is why everything we do in the community is through relationship with individuals and other like-minded organisations. In addition, two-thirds of our staff are from the community itself.

Sozo Educentre is our after-school tutoring and mentorship programme for high school learners from the Vrygrond community.  Educentre provides a safe space for 100 high school learners to achieve their full potential through tutoring, mentoring, nutrition, career inspiriting initiatives and psycho-social support.

Sozo Eden is a holistic home gardening programme. Here people learn about vegetable growing through a 10-week Home Gardening Course. The course is centred on equipping participants to start their own vegetable garden in their backyard.

Sozo Youth Café provides a safe, creative and vibrant space for young people (between the ages of 16 – 25 years) to be equipped, trained, mentored and socialise variety of opportunities for young people, including workshops, internships at the café, and access to computers and internet.

Sozo Lifeskills facilitates courses that equip people emotionally, spiritually, economically and socially. We believe that teaching people these essential skills enables them to gain self-respect, take responsibility and develop their initiative.

Sozo Design empowers and equips creative young design learnerships, where high school graduates can learn, grow and teach others in design. We also partner with Educentre to equip high school learners with a basic understanding of design, as well as expose learners to design-related careers.

sozo opening
Sozo Youth Cafe opening – Date changed to 30 May 2016

What next?

The recent completion of our Sozo Centre is instrumental in providing a launch pad from which to extend our projects and impact further. In
anticipation of this exciting growth, we are inviting new partners to join us in extending this transformational work.

The Sozo Centre, 55 Vrygrond Avenue, Vrygrond, Muizenberg 7948 | P.O. Box 39363, Capricorn Square 7948036-344-NPO | 930013534-PBO






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