The Ultimate Pool Toy For Water Lovers

It’s getting warmer (at last!) with summer right around the corner. During the summer, the hot temperatures, high humidity and lots of sun, make you want to spend lots of time by the water. So, if you relax by the pool or compete in beach games on sunny days, ensure it’s done in style. On inflatable pool toys.

It’s not just an inflatable pool toy, it’s a giant swan


Whether you’re swimming at your nearest beach or in your backyard pool, floating on this giant swan is a great way to add in a little extra fun. But it’s not just fun you’re adding, this stylish float is just what you need to step up your lounging game.

How you can get your hands on these giant floats

pool swan

Summer has never looked so chic. These giant birds have taken over. They are suitable for all swimming pools, as well as the beach. Furthermore, the large inflatable swan can be used by kids (and big kids!). Also the toy can be deflated to a small size, so you can take it with you on vacations. And it’s very easy to inflate.

These giant floats are now available on our online store. They are selling very fast, so hurry and get yours while stocks last.

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