Three Magical Laws of Life

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On our journey in this life time, we are all faced with many challenges and  adjustments. Most of  us feel as though life controls us and that we are mere pawns in the strategies of life’s dance. All  that happens to us is out of our control; we simply play the game that is presented to us. The  rules are determined by others and there is nothing we can do to change them nor make our  choices known, or count.


 Non Resistance-Non Judgement-Non  Interference


Control is the key ingredient that is in the central core of it all. We either are feeling vulnerable and insecure or unworthy and less than, so we attempt to control our environment and those around us. Knowingly or unknowingly we try to change everything to our way of thinking or processing, as this way we will feel secure, in command.

But, by doing this we unwittingly are inviting in more control, as we all remember what we think and do we attract to us. So the more we try and take control of our lives and those around us, the more we feel and experience being controlled. It is an innate emotion for all of us to want to assist others in doing things better, make balanced choices and complete things in perfection.

When we do this we do not understand that it applies the three magical laws:

Non-Interference- Non Judgement and Non-Resistance in reverse.Three Magical Laws

How does it do this? Think carefully back on times that you, unknowingly, added your view or gave your advise without being asked for it. Or in observing someone doing something, you advised them of a better way of doing it. Actually you are sitting in judgement that they do not have the capability or knowledge to do that specific thing.

You are interfering with their capabilities and self worth, thereby applying the three Magical Laws in reverse.


Many people will notice that people sit in judgement of them, interfere when they are attempting to complete something and then the third magical law comes into effect in a negative way- resistance. That is when we feel judged, nor good enough and useless.

We will then turn the situation upon our selves and apply the three magical laws in reverse to ourselves. Often anger arises, feeling of inadequacy and in extreme cases depression will set in.

We are now in the phase of being judged by others and we now judge ourselves. The circle of events then just keeps going, we are judged, we judge and so on and so on…..

Three Magical Laws If we take a step backwards and apply the laws to ourselves first, THAT IS IT – OURSELVES  FIRST, not looking outward at what others are doing or not doing. We apply non-  judgement to ourselves and what we are capable of accomplishing, our knowledge that is  sound, and our ability to make good balanced decisions.

Then apply the Law of Non- interference, do not interfere in anyone else’s journey unless  asked. Do not interfere in the process of life itself. When changes do come along, do  not resist it, and flow with it. Observe yourself in the situation, not others.

When we take observation of ourselves to this level of consciousness we then realise that there is no resistance. We can flow with life and life delivers back to us synchronistic events.

Life changes its hold on us; we take back control in a balanced way by applying the Laws to ourselves first. Once this is accomplished, we will notice that others do not control us, interfere with us and do not resist us. We come into balance and Life delivers balance back to us. NOW we have introduced a cycle of positive effects.

Remember we are what we think, we are what we feel and we are what we speak. In looking to US first, we change the cycle not only for ourselves but all those we come into contact with. We create LOVE and BALANCE.


Why not apply the three magical rules in your life


And see for yourself how you can make a difference in this magical wonderful world of ours.

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  1. Helen Avatar

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is the act of judgement. So meaningful to remember especially when one wants to react instead of respond.

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