Choosing The Right Bag For The Busy Entrepreneur

When you spend a good amount of money on a bag, you want the rest of the world to know it. But why do we find bags so desirable? Is it because they’ve become a unique outward statement of your status?

Or is it because you are fashion savvy and have earning power? Well, a bag contains your survival kit – from gadgets, make-up, money, keys, chewing gum, or even a change of clothes… It just about carries everything you need in your life for the day.  That’s why you have to choose the right bag and even make it one your biggest wardrobe investments. And, I have three tips that can help make that choice easier.




What do you always carry in your bag? Is it just essentials such as your phone, purse and keys? If yes, then go for a small bag. However, if you also want to carry sunglasses, perfume, makeup, diary, laptop, documents and even a change of clothes… then you’ll need to go up in size.

And, if you want to carry all of your essentials in style, go for a Moshi’s travel-friendly Costa. It is a lightweight, modern satchel that provides a large central compartment to hold clothes, magazines, electronics, and anything else you take on the plane or train.

It is suitable as both a carry-on as well as an urban work bag, Costa’s padded laptop compartment holds a computer up to 15″ and its adjustable ViscoStrap™ absorbs weight to help alleviate shoulder strain. A crush-resistant front panel keeps your sunglasses, smartphone, and other delicate items protected yet reachable when needed.

The rear trolley strap helps secure Costa to your luggage’s handles as you wait to board. Crafted using lightweight and durable materials, Costa is the perfect bag to help you maintain a refined look no matter where the world takes you.



Colour and Price

Black bags are usually easier to buy. But, you need to know what’s missing from your wardrobe. So, if you already have a black bag then go for a neutral one. You can try gray, navy or camel. Most importantly, live within your means.

It’s better to save and get the best bag rather than buy a cheaper bag every couple of months. Your investment bag has to last. You use it for about 2 years, then put it away for a little while and use it again for few more years, then hand it down to your children. 



A beautiful look can look clumsy if your hardware is clashing. Nothing stands out and everything starts competing with each other. So, if you wear both gold and silver, then invest in two separate bags to match.

If you use Mac, keep it in shape, free of dents, dings, and scratches with iGlaze for MacBook Air. And, it will match any look. 

This precision-tooled design allows for a hardshell case that is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable. iGlaze is surface-treated with a specialized coating that provides enhanced scratch resistance.

The top and bottom covers can be installed or removed in seconds, and the case is fully compatible with our full line of protective accessories for MacBook Air.



About Moshi:

Believe In Better Design
Moshi is serious about product design. A rarity in the accessories business, all of Moshi’s products – including tooling – are designed in-house, from the ground up. Moshi also has a number of design patents to protect our interests as well as those of our partners. These factors are key in ensuring that every Moshi product is consistent of the utmost quality, reasonably priced and unique from what is commonly found in the marketplace.
Design Innovations
Moshi prides itself on introducing products that meet our customers’ needs in remarkable and practical new ways.
Eco-friendly Commitments 

Moshi is committed to environmental stewardship. We are aware there is only one Earth and it is our responsibility to proactively adopt measures to mitigate environmental impacts. This principle is reflected through our product design which focuses not only on aesthetics but also on durability and reusability.

Whenever possible, we use recycled and/or naturally bio-degradable materials for packaging and boxing. In the manufacturing of our products, we adhere strictly to California’s Proposition 65 and RoHS standards which were enacted to eliminate the use of hazardous substances during production.

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