Tienie Pritchard – Sculptor of the Nude


The long awaited book about master sculptor TIENIE PRITCHARD, one of South Africa’s best known sculptors, is now available.  Author Elna Pritchard, wife and companion, has written an informative narrative about his life and work.

214 pages in full colour promise to captivate the reader from start to end.  This art publication is the story of an artist’s lifelong commitment to pursue what he believes in and to prove that he can succeed, against all odds. Inspirational for one and all.

Tienie Pritchard is the only living artist in South Africa that has been honoured by an art museum, exclusively featuring a substantial collection of his work.  Residing in the vicinity of the Hartbeespoortdam, Tienie continues to create the masterpieces he dreams about.

In the early 1970’s, Tienie became a household name because of the controversy evoked by his nude group “Life cycle”, which had been commissioned by the then Department of Public Works.  The media followed his every move and he became the subject of hundreds of news paper reports and magazine articles.  This publication tells the story from Tienie’s own perspective.  Being in constant media spotlight for a period of four years, opened many doors and established him as a sculptor of note.

The bronzes created by Tienie Pritchard will outlive all of us.  Although each and every one of these bronzes tells its own story and does not need a guide to interpret it, this publication endeavors to give a holistic view of Tienie Pritchard’s whole oeuvre.  It also documents the environment he worked in and tells the story of his passion to sculpt the nude – albeit that it created his controversial profile.






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