Tips On Revamping With Wall Art


We want to offer you Tips On Revamping With Wall Art Photowall Wallpapers. Our Life Retreat Studio was in dire need of a facelift. Therefore, after a bit of investigating, we decided on wallpapering our one wall. When we decorated a couple of years ago, the in-look was minimalistic.

Wallpaper Is Trending Now

How things have changed!  In just a couple of years, we have gone from plain white to picturesque walls. As a result, I  must say that I love the new look. The best thing about revamping with wall Art or wallpaper is that one can transform an entire room in less than a day. Modern-day wallpapers are best classified as wallcoverings.


The fun part of the process was choosing the design. I spent many hours browsing through Wall Art’s images.  The choices are endless with beautiful designs, pictures and patterns. After tagging numerous images and visualising them in our beautiful studio, I made my choice. Since we were going to be using it in a public area, my choice was eventually made conservatively. I chose a lovely grey wash which looks like a painting technique.  Now that I have begun this journey and seen how beautiful the wallpaper looks, I will be a lot more daring with patterns in my choice next time.


In less than a day, our studio was revamped, and we have received numerous compliments. Wall Art has modernised and added character to our studio. It is incredibly cost-effective, for example, if I had paid someone to paint this paint technique, it would have cost a lot more. 


We Used Watercolour Grey

Tips On Revamping A Room With Wall Art

  • Keep in mind the ambience you would like to create in your room. Bedrooms should always be calming while living rooms can benefit from a vibrant feel. it is essential to consider the pattern, colour, style and texture when choosing your wallpaper
  • Wallpapers today can be used instead of hanging pictures on your walls. Or as a beautiful backdrop to enhance displaying your Artworks.
  • If you wish to make, a small room feel bigger, go for a light coloured, fresh pattern, and consider wallpapering only 1 or 2 walls.
  • To make large rooms cosier, the use of warm, deeper colours is advised, and all the walls can be covered.
  • Choose more prominent, bolder patterns for larger spaces and smaller designs for smaller spaces
  • Stone, face brick, concrete or wooden wall panels are incredibly useful in creating a rustic, cottagey feel.
  • For a more elegant, formal look we would suggest using gilded wallpaper.
  • Map designs are fantastic in studies and playrooms.
  • Wallpapers can enhance the ambience of your home or offices. For people residing in cold, overcast areas, sunshine and floral scenes brighten things up. For those based in warm temperatures, it is refreshing to use cool colours, water and forest scenes.
  • Old furniture can easily be revamped with wallpaper covering.
  • Ceilings are impressive when wallpapered, and adds depth to the room.
  • You can be creative by combining two or more different patterns in one room Stripes often work well when combined with other designs.
  • Test before hanging! Purchase a sample of your choice and hang it up on your wall with prestic to check it out 1st 
  • For 1st time wallpaperers, it is best, to begin with, a small room like your guest bathroom and play around before moving onto more significant areas
  • Wallpapers are not only limited to homes but can transform offices to create the perfect working environment
  • Other spaces that can be easily transformed include Shops and Studios. View Life Retreat Studio revamp pics below.
  • Above all, I would suggest using Professional installers.


In conclusion,

I would highly recommend Photowall, as they have a vast selection of fabulous designs and their service is excellent.

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