Two Basic Rules To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

small room look bigger

When it comes to making a small room in the house or a tiny apartment look and feel more spacious, there are only two important rules to keep in mind; firstly and most importantly, is to let in as much light as possible and secondly, to make use of as many ceiling bookshelves as possible. Read on to see how to apply these two rules to create organized and spacious rooms.



How to use light to make a small room look and feel bigger

The first and most important rule is light. The more light you let into a room, the lighter the space makes you feel when you enter. The darker the room, the smaller it will appear and the heavier the space will feel around you.

Since you want your room to be as light as possible, it is advisable to use light colours for the walls and theme of the room. The best colours other than white or cream is light yellow or light beige.

Tip: When you want to give your room a vibrant colour theme, paint that colour on one of the side walls to give that room the desired colour theme, but try to stick with light furniture throughout the room.

Natural lighting

Large windows are the best way to let in as much natural light as possible. Natural light is more eco-friendly and more cost-effective since you are saving on electricity and do not have to find special light bulbs which can imitate the warm natural light from the sun.

Uplights to make ceiling look higher

Artificial lighting

When you do not have enough windows or very small windows that do not let in a lot of natural lighting, you need to create it by means of various lighting methods. Here are some tips to do that:

  • Use long floor standing up-lighters which will bounce light onto the walls and ceiling
  • Light each corner of the room with small up-lighters on the walls
  • Use long vertical light beams to make the ceiling look higher
Use reflective surfaces
Use reflective surfaces

Bouncing light

Make use of reflective objects to bounce the light off and maximizing the natural light in the room.

  • Hang large mirrors (Best placed opposite windows)
  • Replace cupboard doors, doors or panels with stained glass or glazed panels
  • Shiny floor surfaces like laminated flooring
floor ceiling bookshelves
Floor to ceiling bookshelves

Utilizing the space with floor to ceiling bookshelves

Bookshelves are is an excellent way to de-clutter any room as well as getting more organized. The great thing about these wall bookshelves, is that they are quick to put up and it can be done in small sections because you can just build it on as you go unlike those old heavy loose standing cupboards, they don’t have doors and can be made out of plywood or thin pieces of pine.

Bookshelf under stairs
Bookshelf under stairs

If you have space below the stairs, instead of making it a small dark walk-in cupboard, replace it with a bookshelf that has various sized slots. Use it to store your plates and bowels or if you have enough space, even make it into a small office with a desk and a chair then you can put in all your stationary and files in the bookshelf slots.

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