The Types Of Fitness That Are Key This Winter


The Types Of Fitness That Are Key This Winter

If you are anything like me, fitness is something that doesn’t exactly come naturally these days. When I was in my late teenage years, I was a frequent visitor to the gym. 3 or 4 times a week I would spend a good 2 hours improving my cardiovascular and muscular health. But as with many other things, fitness becomes much harder as you move from a college life to a work life.

Lots of things can easily slip away from you, including your physical fitness. That’s why i’m here, in April 2016, writing about how you can re-enter the fitness & health world, no matter your age. So get ready to begin the Winter by pumping those legs, lifting those arms and sweating off those calories. Here are my top fitness tips this season:

1. Small/Class based studios

2015 was the year of the big box gym, but in all honesty these types of gyms can actually be detrimental to your fitness. That’s why this year promises to be the year of the class based gym studio.

By switching to this type of gym, you’re going to get a far more specialised experience and furthermore, you can pick and choose your preferred style of fitness. No more staring at gym equipment wondering what each machine will do for you!

Class-Based Gym Studios

2. Incredible Nutrition On The Go

There’s been a revolution in the food world. Super healthy “fast food”. For years there have been claims from fast food companies that they have launched healthy ranges, but to be honest these “healthy ranges” usually turn out to be loaded with calories and totally unhealthy.

But in 2016, you can find some real honest-to-goodness nutrition in food joints such as Kauai in South Africa, Freshii and Snap Kitchen in the USA and LEON in the UK. You can pick up some of the healthiest options in Kauai, such as the Harvest Wrap, with avo, cucumber, house greens, carrots and feta. How about the Grass Roots salad, with kale, cos, roast beetroot, butternut, goat’s cheese and more.

You can find Kauai pop-up restaurants in over 65 Virgin Active gyms in South Africa. Do yourself a favour and ditch traditional fast food with ultra healthy snacks.

Kauai Virgin Active, Dolphin Coast

3. Fashionable Fitness

For a lot of people, one big hurdle to getting fit and staying fit is their appearance. Let’s be honest, we can all feel self-conscious when we take a jog around the neighbourhood, or even at the gym.

OMsignal Smart Clothing

Well fear not any more, because fashionable fitness is totally 2016. Expect to see a lot more clothing ranges that cater specifically to fitness, including OMsignal, the world’s first brand of “Smart Clothing”, that includes in its shirts respiratory monitors, calorie monitors, heart-rate monitors and much more.

Article by Josh

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