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Vision Board

For years now, I have had a Vision Board, where I post my dreams, inspirations and aspirations. I have encouraged our children to do the same, and there is always great excitement in the house, when someone is redoing their Vision Board. We all love giving suggestions, and seeing what the rest of the family is dreaming of, or aspiring to. It is a wonderful way of spending family time together.

images.jpg vision and actionVision boards, which were popularised by the book/DVD, “The Secret”, which focuses on “The Law of Attraction.” can be used for various things. Themost common ones are for your personal life, or business. But they can also be used for one specific dream or aspiration. Great vision board ideas, are if you are for weddings, or holidays, where the focus for whole board can be about this. They help to provide clarity, and give us focus. It is a creative visualisation project, that can really change our lives.

Vision boards can be made on a computer and kept there, and there are even programmes available to make them on. But, I personally prefer to have a home made vision board, that is always visible to me. I have 2 in my study, both hanging where I can see them. The one is for my personal life, and the other is for my business. They are really simple to make, and I have included instructions below.

The idea behind a vision board, is to surround oneself with pictures of goals you may have, things you would love to own, who you would like to become, where you want to live, and what you want to do. The images are there to motivate us to achieve all of these things.

I change the pics fairly regularly, and sometimes redo the whole boards. As I find that my goals, dreams and aspirations do change regularly. Often, I have achieved something on the board, and it no longer needs to be there. I use a felt pin board, rather than gluing them onto a board, as this way I can change them as need be.bagua-web1) Set your scene, by putting on your favourite music. I enjoy my mediation playlist, as it relaxes me, and I feel more in touch with what I really want to put on my vision board. I love to pour a glass of my favourite wine, but in winter, a nice hot cup of tea, soup is just as good. Light a candle, or burn some incense to really create and ambiance. Have everything that you need with you, so that you can really focus, and get into it.

2) My favourite is paging through magazines (I am a magazine addict, and it is a good excuse to stock up on all of my favourite mags.) I also sometimes Google for pics, of specific things. Great websites for pics and inspiration are We Heart It, and Pinterest. I would even recommend drawing pics, although mine would not be very inspiring, as I am a useless drawer. Photos are also great, andin fact it is motivating to place a pic of yourself right in the middle of your board. Start with far too many pics, so that you can use an elimination process, to feel it is that you really want on your board.Travel-Vision-Board-2015-Blog-1024x1024

3) I then print or cut out all of my pics, which often include words of inspiration, and pin them on my board. Many of the pics that I have, are things that I would love to own. But, since I love travelling they often include pics of places that I would like to travel to. I often add things that I would love to experience, including adventures, food and drinks.

4) Draw a circle on a piece of paper, and mark off in the circle, the percentage of each of the following things. Family, health, work, Spirituality, relationships, self and any others headings that you would like to add. Then sort the pics into these categories, to ensure that you are covering everything that is important to you in your life.

5) Once you have everything ready, you can begin your collage of pics etc. I love a random collage, but some people prefer all the pics to be the same size, and having it nice and neat. It is a personal thing, and important that you do what resonates with you.

6) After completing it, sit back, breathe, and know that you are one step further forward to achieving all of your goals and dreams. Once your dreams start coming true, remember to be grateful every time you remove a pic, of something that you have achieved.


Okay, I have now motivated myself to get going on my vision board this weekend. It is rainy and cold, so I will light up the fire, turn on my flameless candles, play my meditation music on my iPod, make some nice warm gluwein (using my new healthy recipe), pour a bowl of nice warm veggie soup, and settle down for the day. I will have piles of magazines. And, I am sure the rest of the family will join in. I can’t think of a better way to spend a family winters day. I wonder what I will put onto it? Definitely a pic of healthy food, a happy family, a pic of a the new car that I want, and sooooooooo much more.

What are you putting on your vision boards. Please let us know. And, if you have any tips and ideas for Vision boards, we would be delighted if you share them with us and our readers.images.jpg vision board 

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