What To Pack In Your Beach Bag

Not sure what to pack in your beach bag? Here is some advice, on what you should always take to the beach. There is nothing worse than an over packed beach bag, which you have to lug around with you.

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And worse still, is searching for something on a hot Summers day, in amongst loads of unnecessary junk. But, on the other hand, no one wants to be stuck, on some remote beach, without something that they really do need. We are fortunate enough to live at the coast, and as soon as Spring appears, I pack my beach bag, and keep it permanently packed until the Winter chill sets in.First, and foremost you need an awesome beach bag. It needs to be spacious, lightweight, trendy and beautiful. I am in love with my new Chill Winstan one. Their motto is, “Love Summer More”. Since my beach bag remains packed, all I do before going to the beach, is pack in anything else needed for that day, and on returning unpack anything that I no longer need, and shake out the sand etc. (We will be stocking these products soon, and they include:  beach bags, beach wind breaks,  surfboard socks, and a selection of newly released beach umbrellas).

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Beach Towel. The new Kikoy towels, are made of butter soft cotton, with a thin backing in towelling. The best thing about these towels, is that there is no need for an other cover up, as you can wrap it, or drape it in whichever way you wish to cover up, if need be. (Sarongs can be worn as skirts, shorts, dresses, wraps, scarves and so much more.) On Special Now, while stocks last.

Sunblock. Every morning, I give myself a good dry body brush, have a bath, and then lather myself in sunblock. I use specific ones for my face and body, and I keep spare ones of both of these in my beach bag. Every couple of hours, and always after swimming, I re apply everywhere. These days we have to be extremely careful not to sunburn.  We have a few to choose from, if you would like to purchase.  I highly recommend the Dermasure Sunactiv SPF 25+ Sunblock, and for more info, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Sun hat. I have had mine for years, and it still looks amazing, so it is worthwhile purchasing a good quality one. Mine has a wide brim, so that not only does it shade my face, but it also shades my chest, and shoulders. Although it is a woven hat, it can be rolled up into a small ball, and it opens up perfectly. It looks very stylish, so I can wear it out, if we go for cocktails after the beach.

Water. We should all drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every single day. But when we are in the sun, we should try and drink double this. No one should drink either cold drinks, or alcohol when out in the sun, as they are dehydrating, and have far too much sugar (not good for the flat tummy bikini look).

Spritzer. By this I mean a water spray, not a cocktail. It is unbelievably refreshing to spray your face, and neck with a spritzer. There are so many varieties available now, that you can even get them for certain skin ailments. Like, aloe vera for pimples, or rosewater to toning. They smell amazing as well, so if you go somewhere after the beach, you smell as if you have just got out of the shower.  I am personally in love with the Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe-herbs, and rosewater.  Not only, is it incredibly refreshing, but it smells amazing.

Entertainment. This is so personal, as I can spend hours, and hours staring out to see and day dreaming. But, I know the boys in our family need to be active. I always carry a tennis ball, so in amongst swimming, they can amuse themselves for hours, and hours, on end. I do love reading, and often catch up on magazine articles while chilling. If you are planning on staying on the beach into the evening, it is always great to have a little travelling game set with you. Our family favourite is backgammon, which we can play for hours on end.

Music. I don’t take music down to the beach with with me, but I know my kids love it. It is so peaceful and calming just listening to the breading of the waves, so I do wonder why anyone would want to detract from that. But, if you have the beach to yourselves, there is no harm in packing some little speakers into your beach bag, to play your favourite tunes, off your iPhone.

Tinted lip balm. Most people’s lips get terribly dry, so it is good to always have this on hand. The bonus, of course is that if makes you look far more glamorous with a bit of colour on your lips, when you have not other make up on. I carry a little of jar of cream blush to put on my cheeks, after the beach. But, for youngsters it is perfect to stay make up free with a Summer glow.

Snacks. Nothing beats an ice cold, sliced watermelon for a beach snack. Otherwise just pack in some packets of dried fruit, and nuts to keep you healthy, and satisfied throughout the day. Kale chips, and biltong also make for great snacks. If you are going to stay on into the evening, I would suggest packing a cooler box, with some ready made sandwiches and drinks.

Other extras. These are not necessary for everyone to pack, but it is always good to remember to pack any of these if you think you may need them. Tissues, are an essential for our family, as we do suffer from allergies. If you are on subscribed medication, be sure to pack it (the same goes for people allergic to bee stings, or people that have epilepsy etc). I have to keep my reading glasses packed these days, as I am blind as a bat without mine.

I keep my sunglasses in the car, and make sure that I wear them at all times. Just as it essential to protect our skin from the sun, so is it essential to protect our eyes. Always choose a great pair of sunglasses that really suit you, and they can do wonders for your beautiful beach look. They must have good lenses, as well.

I live in my various pairs of slops these days.  They are fashionable and comfortable.  They come in so many colours and styles now days, that you can literally have a pair for each outfit.  I wear slops at home,  to the gym and to the beach, and my favourite are my Holsters.

I know we can’t pack our attitudes into our beach bags. But, it is a good idea to remember to keep a good sense of humour when going to the beach. It is not always pleasant if the wind comes up, or if it rains, or kids are crying next to you. But just chill, and be grateful that you can spend time in nature, with your family and friends. No matter what age your are, have fun, fun, fun.

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Using sunblock in SA, is an absolute essential, and we should all use it from head to toe, every single day.  I am personally a lover of Spray sunblocks.  I find them easier to apply, and they seem to spread more evenly.  I recently came across the Dermasure Sunactive SPF 25+ Sunblock, and am thoroughly enjoying using it.  It is a spray on, ultra invisible, oil free and high protection sunblock.  I apply it every morning before leaving the house, and highly recommend it.   Click here for more info on Dermasure products.






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    HI Mpho, thanks for your comment. Sunblock is so essential for all skin types.

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    I am writing an article on how to get ourselves beach ready for Summer. Please submit comments with ideas, or suggestions. Happy Summer!!!

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      Mpho Khumayo

      Start with higher sunblock and go lower gradually. Not so a problem for me but my boyfriend is light skinner! Mpho Khumayo

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