What To Pack In Your Yoga Bag – Begin Your Yoga Journey

Before you even think of packing your bag, you need to decide what you will be wearing for your yoga sessions. I honestly believe that to get the most out of your practice, you need to be comfortable, and feel good in what you are wearing. There are so many beautiful yoga clothes available now days, and the best part is that you don’t even have to change. They look so good, that you continue to wear them for the rest of the day. Here are some suggestions that we have put together.

The best thing about having a packed yoga bag, is that no matter where you are, you will be able to do yoga. There are loads of yoga apps available on the internet, which means that you can travel the world with your bag, and stay fit. And, if you are not fortunate enough to travel, you can go to the local beach, or closest nature reserve, or park, and set up your own personal yoga studio. Not all of us need all of the below, but some of them are necessities for some of us.

Yoga bag

I would suggest getting a really good quality yoga bag, that you know will last for a long time. Make sure that it is not too heavy, as you will be filling it up, and the less you have to lug around the better.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Bag Packing Essentials 1

I highly recommend a yoga mat that is non-slip, and fairly cushioned. You should be able to place it on any surface, and still have a smooth even surface to workout on.

Yoga Towel

Yoga Bag Packing Essentials 2

If you are doing yoga at a studio or gym, it is great to have your own yoga towel to place over their mats. They are the same size as the mats, and non-slip. With the added bonus, you can use it to shower with.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga Block (1)

I use mine often, since my back is not that supple, and the support of the blocks really assists me in getting the most out of certain yoga postures.

Yoga Strap


An essential for every single yogi. It is an amazing tool, to help with leg and arm stretching exercises.

Cushioned Mat

My little memory foam mat, cushions my knees and shoulders, depending on what we are doing. The ultimate yoga luxury.

Eye Bag

Yoga Bag Packing Essentials 3

My favorite at the end of a yoga class, is relaxation. Using an eye bag relaxes my eyes and blocks out the light, enabling me to go into a deeper meditation.

Non Slip Socks

Yoga Bag Packing Essentials 6

The best on a cold day. In Summer I always do yoga barefoot, but because my feet get so icy cold in Winter, I love to wear sox, and the non slip ones enable me to do a class easily with them on.


Yoga Bag Packing Essentials 4

It is always healthy to drink a lot of water. Not during the session, but after it, once you have detoxed all of your organs, there is nothing like a bottle of purified water to wash out all the toxins.

Toilet Bag

Yoga Bag Packing Essentials 5

If I am not going straight home, I always keep on me a little bag with deodorant, lipstick, sunblock, lip balm, money, my reading glasses etc. etc. etc.


No more excuses now! Pack up, and off you go. I am aiming at doing Yoga 3 times a week, and loving every moment of it. Yoga tones my body, uplifts my soul and is stimulating for my mind.

Kerri, and I were privileged enough to attend 3 days of yoga workshops last week, at The Source in Cape Town. If you are looking for a studio, I would highly recommend joining them for their yoga classes.

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