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Stand the Chance of winning a 4-week diet program which includes the 4 cornerstones listed below:

4 Cornerstones of our DIET Program

HEALTHY EATING   – an effective DIET Program with great priciples, that improves your health while you lose the unwanted Kilos.  There is no need for exotic or expensive foods, as a Low Calorie Eating plan can be made up from inexpensive Fresh and Healthy foods,like Cereals, Low-fat Yoghurts, Fruits, Lean Meats, Fresh Vegetables and Salads. This way the Family can eat with you

NATURAL PRODUCTS – formulated from 24 substances to help support Weight-loss.  They Detoxify & Cleanse the Body, lessens your Appetite and cravings, boosts Metab & increase your Energy.  You have to combine them with a balanced Low Calorie Eating Plan, to lose weight effectively and keep it off in future.

FLUID CONTROL – an increased Fluid Intake to flush out your Body, while breaking down Fats.  (The Biologically prescribes 3 liters of Water a day is very good for your Health. It helps to Detoxify your body while boosting your Immune system.

MILD EXERCISE – when you start Dieting you must add physical activities to your day to burn up fats stored in the body and give you an Oxygen boost.  Most people were inactive during the time they became Overweight.

Correct and healthy eating habits, regular exercise and enough daily fluids will ensure a healthy lifestyle even after you reach your target weight. By making these principles a way of life you will not pick up the weight again, you just lost. Sadly many people have fallen for the fad diets and quick fixes out of sheer desperation to lose weight, wasted their money and only lost weight temporarily.

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