WIN! A Natural Healing Gift Set


Stand the chance to Win a Bath Gift Set from Herba- Farmacy Natural Healing SA which consists of:
1. Skin Sanitizer (250 ml)
2. Liquid Soap (250ml)-Used as Shampoo, Hand wash and Shower Gel
3. Citric Acid (100g)- Used as Hair Conditioner
4. HCL (50ml) Hydrochloric Acid
5. Herba’s Hand Soap- Olive Oil or Coconut Oil
6. Organic Oregano Oil Toothpowder (50 g)

Total value is R 344.50

All the products are manufactured to Dr Hulda Clark Protocol, which is no fillers, solvents, metals or colorants. They are super clean and are manufactured in a high hygiene lab. We look to manufacture products with no toxins or chemicals at all. The Skin sanitizer is awesome for hand sanitizer before preparing food/ after bathroom use/ on door handles, telephones and when eating out all utensils. The Liquid soap with Tea Tree Oil is wonderful  as a replacement to shower gels and hand washes as well as bath soaps. And can also be used to wash hair, I use it and have very healthy strong shiny hair. The Citric acid is wonderful as a hair conditioner after shampoo and has no additives. Hydrochloric Acid can be used to wash veggies, clean water 1 drop to 1 litre. Can be dropped into tea and food when eating out to kill any germs and is used to balance the HCL in the stomach. For cleaning veggies and eggs before going into the fridge add on drop to two drops into a basin of water. Our Herba Soap is a beautiful balanced soap that can be used on body and face. The Organic Oregano Oil Toothpowder has magnificent anti-bacterial qualities and cleans the mouth and teeth very well, as well as helping to prevent plaque from forming. Freshens the mouth and has no additives.

To enter the competition:

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6 responses to “WIN! A Natural Healing Gift Set”

  1. Jaco Cloete Avatar
    Jaco Cloete

    The best way to look after yourself is the natural way with which Herba- Farmacy Natural Healing is a leader in natural care for skin and heath. This is the reason why I would love to win this Bath Gift Set to be in good care for my skin and body.

  2. Cara Bosch Avatar
    Cara Bosch

    I would benefit fom this as it is all natural and can only be good for my skin. I would like to try the toothpowder as well.

  3. Delia Reddy Avatar
    Delia Reddy

    Due to extremely sensitive skin Im not able to use most products but This would be amazing 🙂 Natural herbal is the way to go !!

    1. Trish Taylor Avatar

      Hi Delia, yes natural is always the best way to go.

  4. Jaims Art Avatar
    Jaims Art

    Ahhh…I close my eyes and imagine how fabulous it would be to stimulated externally. Just as the creative mind has to be fed, so does the outer shell, culminating in a glorius unison of body, mind and soul.

  5. Lizna Avatar

    I’d benefit by winning this because my skin and hair is in need of some natural TLC and I’m always looking for new natural skincare products to try out!

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