WIN: Accessorize Pink Hairdryer

Accessorize with Life Retreat


Win a 2200 watt Pretty Pink Accessorize Hairdryer with powerful airflow for fast drying results. For all the Lovers of Beauty, think pink!

How to Enter:

1. Comment below to tell us what colour hairdryer you have

2. Then share this competition on any of your social media platforms

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27 responses to “WIN: Accessorize Pink Hairdryer”

  1. ann Avatar

    have a black one

  2. GRAM MOODLEY Avatar

    I have a black one which is quite old now. I shared on facebook and also reweeted on twitter.

  3. Cornell Botha Avatar
    Cornell Botha

    I have a plain old boring black one!!
    Shared on Facebook, Twitter , Google+ and Pinterest!!

  4. Gabie Vermeulen Avatar
    Gabie Vermeulen

    I have a black old one and need a new one

  5. Rumbidzai Zhou Avatar
    Rumbidzai Zhou

    I do not have a dryer, and because I have natural hair I have to do bantu nots jus to dry and stretch my hair at the same time and this takes at least 12 hours to have pefect dry stretched natural hair,…I would rilly love to win a pink dryer as this would save me tym and of coz make my afro happy ….#naturalistic #afronatural beauty#win

  6. Rumbidzai Zhou Avatar
    Rumbidzai Zhou

    I currently do not have a dryer, I have natural hair so to dry and stretch ma hair I do bantu nots and have to stay with them at leats 12 hrs for the hair to dry and be stretched at the same tym……I would rilly love to win this pink dryer it wld jus make my life easier n of coz my afro happy #naturalistic#afrochic#accessories#win

  7. Gloria Avatar

    I do not have a hairdryer – I borrow my daughters, I would love a pink one as I lost my sister to breast cancer last year and I would love something that supports breast cancer awareness, pink is perfect for that

  8. Dawn W Avatar
    Dawn W

    I have a black and silver hairdryer which is barely working as it is about 20 years old

  9. Nande Avatar

    Mine has no colour because it does not exsist.

  10. Allison Coito Avatar
    Allison Coito

    I don’t own a hair dryer. Use my daugthers ?

  11. dina dos santos (@tenaciousD2013) Avatar
    dina dos santos (@tenaciousD2013)

    Boring black

  12. Bianca Balutto Avatar
    Bianca Balutto

    I have a black one:)

  13. rehana seedat Avatar
    rehana seedat

    My hairdryer is Black in colour. I have shared post via facebook and tweeted @rehanaseedat

  14. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel Avatar
    Cirsten Van Den Heuvel

    I have a black hair dryer

  15. Carolyn Augustus Avatar
    Carolyn Augustus

    I have a red one

  16. Julie Ann Kreusch Avatar
    Julie Ann Kreusch

    Mines a boring Black hair dryer a #Pink one will have me looking #Fabulous and #SuperStylish all glammed up in #Pink. Psst my hair dryer doesn’t even switch off at the switch have to unplug it. Please make my year and let me win this Pink Hair Dryer. ? ?

  17. Robyn Avatar

    I’ve got the most standard colour…black. In desperate need of a new brush too…

  18. Roslyn Kinnear Avatar
    Roslyn Kinnear

    I have a black one it’s so old it’s out the ark. Would love to win this pink one, perfect birthday prezzie to me seeing as my bday is tomorrow, 21st October and my daughter’s on the 22nd. Holding thumbs and toes.

  19. anne botes Avatar
    anne botes

    A White DYNAMIC with tape all around to hold him together have him many years now but still working

  20. Tracy K Avatar
    Tracy K

    Mines bromidic black…

  21. Emily Clark Avatar
    Emily Clark


    The colour of my hairdryer is boring black,
    it’s so slow and slack it makes me wanna have a heart attack!
    That’s why I would LOVE to have a hairdryer from Accessorize
    as I need a new one and need a good glamorize.
    I also think a pink hairdryer is pretty sweet
    as this is my favourite colour and would make me complete.
    And an added extra treat,
    is the 2200 Watts giving great heat.
    This is just what my hair would need!!!!

    (shared on my social platform)

  22. Manjoo Rughunandan Avatar

    I had one ,it blew off ,it was a black one .liked & shared

  23. Lynn botha Avatar
    Lynn botha

    Firstly, pink is my favourite colour. . Guess I will never our grow that. . And secondly, I desperately need a new hairdryer, when I switch mine on, my 5 year old ducks for cover as the motor sounds like it needs to warm up first.. we’re drying hair on borrowed time and we both have long hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Jade Amy Low Avatar
    Jade Amy Low

    I’m currently without a hairdryer, would love a pink one! Shared on Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Tandina Zabora Avatar
    Tandina Zabora

    I have a boring boyish blue hairdryer, having pink one would be amazing

  26. Sophia Adam Avatar

    I have a black one ๐Ÿ˜‰ would love a new one in Pink ๐Ÿ™‚

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