WIN: Curves Membership For You & Your Bestie



Curves is making it easier for you to get your body back in shape this Summer by giving away a one month membership for you and a friend. Because life is better when we can share it with friends and family.


Get a sleek and strong bikini body just in time for summer with Curves’ new November offer.

Total body health and fitness doesn’t require hours of slogging away in the gym. Instead, it’s about using smart, targeted programmes that help to increase  lean muscle and kick-start the metabolism – in short, manageable chunks of time that can be slotted into a busy schedule. This is the basis for the Curves 30-minute workout, a concept pioneered by Curves ladies’ only fitness clubs. Curves is committed to helping all of their clients to achieve their lifestyle and wellness goals, and has designed their clubs and their workouts around what women want. In the spirit of beaches, bikinis and warm weather, Curves has a new promotional offer: get ready for summer by joining Curves between the 1st and 30th of November and get 50% off the joining fee AND December’s fees for free.

At Curves clubs, women are shown the ropes and are guided through how to complete the 30-minute strength training workouts, which have a set programme and are designed to  strengthen muscle groups throughout the body for increased all-over fat loss, as well as sculpting problem areas for a leaner, firmer body. Women of all body types and fitness levels can enjoy results due the fact that each workout has modifications to accommodate them. Curves is focused on enabling good health and the ability to lead a more fulfilling and active life for their members, and have thus added classes that focus on balance, stability and core strength to their workout menu. As an added feature, unique CurvesSmart technology, which can provide real-time feedback or printed reports, is a way of tracking the intensity of a workout and progress over time.

Curves also tackles the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, such as nutrition and even mental strength and motivation levels through the Curves Complete programme. The programme provides customised meal plans that fit in with dietary preferences and emphasise nutritious, tasty food and also includes a once-a-week meeting with a Cleveland Clinic certified Curves Coach. This is to review progress and identify physical and mental hurdles and how to overcome them.

According to Amanda Coetsee, spokesperson of Curves, “Due to the fact that Curves caters to women only, we have had the opportunity to really understand what women need to feel empowered and supported in their pursuit of a healthier life. We don’t just provide a building filled with gym equipment – we provide a safe environment where our members can learn about their bodies and how to look after them. We welcome women to come in for a free consultation, and  learn more about how Curves can help to change their lives.”

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    A 30 minute jam packed workout just what I need to maintain that summer body

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