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No more cellulite! Stand a chance to win  Juliette Armand Triple Action Gel with Life Retreat and Poise Brands.

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Winner – Tess O’Halloran

About Juliette Armand Triple Action Gel

A body gel with an advanced and innovative formula for drastically combating localized fat, cellulite and skin slackening. It contains the plant extracts Guarana, Chrysanthellum indicum and Bupleurum chinensis. These instantly activate the fat burning process. Also, it contains the coenzyme A which stimulates the breakdown of fatty acids and tannins that treat skin loosening.


Juliette Armand Triple Action Gel is enriched with Argisil C. This is a triple action new-generation ingredient. Furthermore, it activates the lipolysis process, reduces cellulite and prevent skin loosening. Also, its agents induce vessel stimulation and decongestion. In addition, they restore the lymphatic and venous microcirculation of tissues. Thus , they prevent the concentration of toxins and free radicals and reconstituting the natural body contour.


The “Non-stop action” technology with the ingredient A2 BLOCKERS™ effectively deals with the body’s natural defensive reaction. Therefore, this blocks and suspends the fat burning effect of the active ingredients, thus resulting in their non-stop action. So, if you want to slim down, prevent cellulite and firm your skin then you simply must try Juliette Armand’s Triple-action body treatment.

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    Juliette Armand

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    Mio Skincare

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    Mama Mio Skincare

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    Juliette Armand

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    Mama Mio Skincare

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    Juliette Armand

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    Juliette Armand

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    Julliete Armand Elements

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    Juliette Armand

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    Juliette Armand

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    Mio Skincare

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