WIN! A 6 Night Stay in Mozambique


Stand The Chance To Win A 6 Night Stay At Montanha Valley Lodge, Praia Da Barra, Mozambique.

White sands, palm trees, blue skies, turquoise waters, spectacular sunsets, succulent seafood and friendly smiles, this is Mozambique. Nestled amongst a valley of palm trees in Inhambane, Barra, lies the charming Montanha Valley Lodge.

The newly constructed lodge offers timber wood chalet with grass roofs, situated around the relaxing pool area. Accommodation is offered in six-sleeper and four-sleeper casitas. Local vendors visit the lodge daily with a supply of produce and curios on offer, ranging from fresh fruits of the sea such as prawns, crayfish, fish, and langoustine, as well as freshly baked local bread, rolls and seasonal fruits and vegetables, sarongs, and artwork.

There are no sea views but a short walk over the dune to the main beach of Praia da Barra, and one is captivated by one of the most beautiful views.

Please note that a 4×4 or 2×4 vehicle, with a diff-lock, is needed to access the Lodge.

This self-catering guest house prize sleeps 6 people for 6 nights. The stay is available during off-peak season. Please note that air transfers / petrol transfers are not included.

To see more information on the Montanha Valley Lodge CLICK HERE

To Enter the Competition:

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2. Once you have done so, comment below this post that you have done so, as well as tell us “If I were to win this competition, the 5 other people I would take would be ……. and why …….”







15 responses to “WIN! A 6 Night Stay in Mozambique”

  1. Sasha muller Avatar
    Sasha muller

    If I were to this fantastic competition and be able to go to Montanha Valley Lodge , the 5 people I would take would be: my boyfriend , my daughter, my mother , and my cousin and her husband. I would take my boyfriend as he has been an incredible support for me especially during my pregnancy and he has come into my life as such a blessing, we have never travelled together as yet, and he loves surfing and fishing and the lodge is perfect location for both. I would take my newborn daughter as she will get to feel warm ocean water for the first time. My mother because she is an angel to so many people and rarely gets a holiday for herself, so she can laze on the beach and catch up on reading and my cousin and her husband because they have never been able to afford to leave the country but spend so much time tirelessly giving to others even when they have very little. It will allow them the opportunity to soak up the beauty of life.

  2. Karen Zaduck Avatar

    If I were to win this competition, the 5 other people I would take would be my fiancée, our 3 beautiful children and my best friend. Why them? Because I have never been able to take my kids away on a proper holiday and to a destination like this would be the ultimate to create the most wonderful memories with them. My fiancée…well that goes without saying – perhaps we could even finally seal the deal in paradise. My best friend because nobody deserves it more than her, she has been through too much (and she would make a very lovely bridesmaid 🙂

  3. Jillian Avatar

    If i were to win this competition, the 5 people I would take would be my sister, who works 24/7 and needs a break, and her 2 children Shanti and Talis – so they can get time out together, Svenja my bestie who is single mom of 2 and deserves some spoiling and my other nestie Nadia who i just love having around

  4. Dolly Avatar

    Hope iam not too late,iam in need of this 6Night stay in Mozambique, 8months ago i gave burth to a healthy baby boy and thia would be the best place for me to show off my post baby body and would definately share the pics;-). If i would win i would take my 1. my hubby, 2. our 10 year olddaughter, 3.our 7year old son, 4.our 8month old son and 5. their Nena.

  5. Susan Avatar

    If I were to be the lucky winner, I would take my 2 daughters my son in law my mom and brother, they have never been to Mozambique and what a priviledge to have some time together in such an idyllic venue, sun sea and sand!

  6. Kathryn - Becoming you Avatar

    Not sure if this competition is still running. Hope to hell it is!! I would LOVE to spend 6 nights in Mozambique! The people I would take are 1) My husband – he puts up with a lot 2) My son – I love exposing him to new adventures 3 ) My daughter – It wouldn’t be the same without her 4) & 5) Well these spots are up for grabs so I’ll give them to the 2 people who play their cards right over the coming weeks 😉

  7. schantelle Avatar

    can’t remember the last time I was on a holiday, especially this great holiday. I will give anything to win this holiday.

  8. Tandina Zabora Avatar
    Tandina Zabora

    If I were to win this competition, the 5 other people I would take would be my boyfriend, he has opened his own business and his stress levels are really high, so it would be amazing to surprise him with this, my mom and dad, they LOVE Mozambique, and my sisters because it would be amazing to have the whole family on holiday

  9. Johan Avatar

    If I were to win this, the people that I would take would be is My GF and 4 of my best friends, why cause most of us get along really well and have been longing for a vacation for a while

  10. Leigh Avatar

    I have liked the Facebook page! If I were to win this competition, the 5 other people I would take would be my sister, my mom, my gran and my two friends working as teachers because they all deserve a break and each one has contributed to where I am in my career today, I cannot think of a better way to say “thank you!”

  11. Esh Avatar

    If I were to win this, the people that I would take would be my parents, my two brothers and my aunt. We are now getting older and if this happens, it may be the last family holiday together that we get.

  12. Patricia Holcomb Avatar
    Patricia Holcomb

    Patricia for sure I would take you the fun you bring with you is awesome the other people I would take would be my sister and nieces, we would have so much fun, we would not want to come home, I think Samantha and Kerry must also come with. What a blast we will all have. really need a holiday

  13. Manoj Bhudhia Avatar
    Manoj Bhudhia

    If I were to win this competition, the 5 other people I would take would be my beautiful wife, my parents and a inlaw’s. I would love to spoil my wife with this holiday and also spoil out parents for all they have done for us.

  14. Losh Kisten Avatar
    Losh Kisten

    If I were to win this competition, the 5 other people I would take would be my hubby, and my four besties because they close to me and what better paradise than this to share with my awesome 5some who colour my life with the beauty of their friendship & love , adds joy & laughter…#always making great memories with wonderfully cherished peeps…

  15. Neil Avatar

    If I were to win this competition, the 5 other people I would take would be my 2 sisters, brother, niece and nephew because it’s been ages since we’ve last been all together. How perfect it would be to come together again in such an idyllic setting.

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