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Healing Hands E-Book


Author Katharine Lee: “The source of many of our illnesses lies in the emotional and mental fields.”
A step-by-step guide on well-researched and well-practiced techniques, which directly address the need for holistic effective healing techniques, which are non-evasive and hone into the root cause of conditions.
Katharine Lee, Author, Radio Presenter, Inspirational Speaker, Intuitive Counsellor,
and Ethno Medicine Practitioner.There is more to healing than merely addressing physical symptoms and it provides an invaluable source of information and training for the layperson that wishes to develop the skill of metaphysical healing to help family and friends and even the animal kingdom.
As a vibrational healer and six-sensory spiritual teacher, Katharine helps people to heal and teaches them how to awaken their intuition.

Some of the contents in this E-Book:
– Basic Anatomy and Physiology
– The Bach Flower Remedies and how they affect the
– Human Energy Fields
– The Chakras and Human Energy Fields
– The Human Aura
– The Endocrine Glands and Chakra System
– Minor Chakra Points
– The Holistic Approach to Health, Healing And Nutrition
– Holistic Health and General Nutrition
– How to Do It – The Act of Centring
– You Can Heal Yourself – Experiential Exercise
– Using Your Hands as Sensors
– Linking with Your Client
– Close Yourself Off
– How to Take an Adult Medical History
– Drug or Alcohol Addiction
– Possession States

*This prize is also available in Afrikaans: ‘Genesende Hande’*

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  1. Losh Kisten Avatar
    Losh Kisten

    Such an awesome giveaway – I would benefit greatly with this amazing giveaway because I’m a firm believe in the holistic way of life. The Chakras and Human Energy Fields is something that greatly appeals to me, I believe in good energy good vibrations # seems like thee book to have for some one who is keen on the above subjects that’s in the book# awesome win indeed #liked n shared the page as well

  2. Trish Taylor Avatar

    WIN ‘Passport To Hands On Healing’ E-Book #competitions #win #healing

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