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Want to be a Dynamic Team Leader in 2016? Take the test that will reveal how to unlock your team’s full potential and guide you to create your most Dynamic Team ever!

The Primary Talent Dynamics Profile is an online profile test specifically aimed at Team Leaders/Managers expertly designed for them to radically reinvent their team in order to reach their full potential. This test and all it’s benefits is valued at R2500!


Team Dynamics is proud to be an affiliate of Talent Dynamics and Wealth Dynamics. This means that you can have confidence in knowing that all of our materials and programs are part of the Talent Dynamics Training program. Our unique business development system empowers a corporation to grow its profit and productivity dramatically. It does this by measuring and increasing the trust and FLOW in its leaders and teams.

Team Dynamics is on a mission to show you where your team’s value lies, how it can be unlocked and how you can share it with others to improve job satisfaction, productivity and most importantly, the bottom line.

The benefits of this approach scale upwards from the individual to the team, from the teams to the company, from the company to the stakeholders – accelerating trust and FLOW in all forms of teamwork and team dynamics.

Team Dynamics will help you to understand the various roles and accountability for members of a team, and how those are different for different people. You will find there are easier ways for you to get great results for your team and business: ones you enjoy, are naturally talented at and will be valued for.

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This Profiling Package includes:

  • Your Primary Talent Dynamics Profile with detailed report
  • Immediate Access to Report
  • Role models who share your profile that you can learn from
  • Your leadership style and the best way for you to lead
  • The best way for you to communicate
  • Your strengths & challenges
  • The best and worst activities for you in the workplace
  • What gets you into FLOW
  • How to create value using your profile
  • The value you need to ownUnlocking-the-full-potential-of-your-team-mock-up-1000x844-300x253
  • Dr Demartini Value Determination
  • One Hour One to One Personal Debriefing over Skype
  • Great Insights for immediate implementation

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  1. Marc Avatar

    I totally need this after taking over a new team with many challenging and strong personalities – please pick me!

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