Women Yoga Retreats In Mozambique

Me, “The traveling Yogi” goes about  Yoga retreats, by bringing women of all ages together, through a number of activities and workshops. On our journey, I focus on igniting that inner wild beauty.

Having the opportunity to stay in a 5 star Luxury Resort on the coast of Mozambique ,  gazing over the pool into a magical view of the warm blue seas and being surrounded by untouched forest and nature, was the perfect platform for the women to unfold… and so it began …

After a long trip through Mozambique (Thank goodness for our lovely Driver Sandra – and Alpha Female of the trip) :

Dirt road to ferry to dirt road, we really gained insight of the locals. This Rural place is scarce of resources and deprived from basic needs, yet they live life with so much love.. Furthermore, this alone was an eye opener and allowed us to embark with open and humble hearts. Meeting some lovely little friends along the way, we decided to invite the kids over to paint. None the less this turned into a fort building expedition and of course much laughter and a lesson  much appreciation.





Yoga on the deck was the rise to our day. Waking up and enjoying an hour of Vinyasa in the fresh morning sunrays was the pinnacle point of the transition. The importance of starting each day with a clear mind and headspace, focusing on breathing techniques and setting the right intentions is essential for a womans space. This is in order to be present in moving forward through her day.

Yoga offers many unexpected benefits for the mind, body and soul- allowing women to gain physical and emotional balance, as well as acceptance.

Yoga was followed by a beautifully prepared healthy breakfast- where of course the importance of health played a huge role. We had the opportunity to learn about various smoothies and juicing technique. Also, along with each course of meal, our knowledge expanded around new ideas of nutrition. Furthermore, we formed the most amazing relationships around the dining room table- where we often had the chance to reflect and share stories, in a comfortable environment.



The week was filled with many more activities constantly empowering our fellow sisters and connecting all on a deeper level. Some of the most profound activities was the TRE and the Sound Journey.

TRE (Trauma Release Exercise)

This was taught by the wonderful Trish Taylor. As everyone goes through trauma in there lives, whether it is big or small, the only way to come to terms with it is by facing it. TRE is an alternative therapy allowing ones self to exert past trauma physically. After going through a number of exercises , the results end in 20 minutes of tremor. Generally, this is in parts of the body where most emotional baggage is trapped. Trish Taylor studied Psychology and has completed many holistic courses in healing. In addition, during the one on one experience the opportunity was there to open up emotionally as well. The women of the retreat found this to be an exhilarating experience, and definitely somewhat a weight off the shoulders.

Our sound Journey came about after a couple of days into the retreat, whereby Courtney Ward, this magical and vibrant goddess exposed us to a once in a life time experience- taking us into a trance and form of meditation through 36 different and primal instruments. Teaching us of the healing through vibration and frequencies. She will definitely be accompanying me on further retreats.



This alone was enough to satisfy us. Our eyes were open and the progress of unity between women unfolded into something beautiful. Although we didn’t stop there – our days were filled with the chance to do a Dolphin swim, with the majestic animals of the Ocean. Also, we got stuck into some gardening, decorating the beautiful trees and helping the staff with the herbs and veggies. We made organic face masks and lazed around the room .

There’s nothing like enjoying the solitude of each others company, empowering each other through memories and laughter, and just to top the trip off, and bring in some light hearted adventure.

We missioned off down the road, through the wonderful little markets into a shebeen to try the local Mozambiquan Beer.



We ended off our incredible retreat with a Bird Song reading, reminding each individual what their purpose and power within is. The 5 day experience went beyond something I can explain, and rather became a transformation and shift from within. We were full of bliss and ready to return home branch out into the world with the tools we acquired.

yoga retreat

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” | William W. Purkey

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