10 Benefits of Using an Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers are a safer alternative to candles and burning incense. They don’t use heat which means no naked flames. You won’t have to worry about your children or pets knocking them over.

The units also protect themselves by automatically shutting off when the water runs low.



Repels insects

This one is amazing! Citronella essential oil is great at keeping those pesky mosquitoes away! Diffuse citronella oils in your bedroom at night before you go to sleep. You can also use lemongrass or rosemary oils in your diffuser to repel various insects.

Fight illness

Essential oils have amazing anti-microbial properties and they can boost your immune system. When essential oils are diffused into the air, the organic compounds within the oils come into contact with airborne pathogens before they can reach your body. Eucalyptus and tea tree oils are great for warding off illnesses.

Helps with allergies

If you’re prone to allergies try diffusing oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and lemon in your home. They will assist in reducing inflammation and congestion in the airways.

Helps you sleep

Essential oils like lavender and chamomile are known to help you enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. Diffuse a few drops of essential oils in your bedroom at least half an hour before you go to bed. Let it run for another hour while you’re in bed.

Wonderful smelling home

Want your guests talking about how amazing your home smells? Diffuse clove, rosemary and orange essential oils before they come over for a great smelling home.

Stress relief and lifts your mood

Diffuse lavender, rose or chamomile essential oils in your home for relief after a stressful day at the office. Lavender oils especially will assist is reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety. Oils such as sweet orange and jasmine are great for elevating your mood when you’re feeling down.

Eliminate mould

Add tea tree oil to your diffuser to kill mould and other pathogens in the air.

Eliminate smoke

To remove cigarette smoke and the smell of smoke in your home, use rosemary, tea tree and eucalyptus oil in your aroma diffuser.

Freshens up and cleans the air around you

Essential oil doesn’t consist of any harmful chemicals, like those found in air fresheners. Diffuse cinnamon essential oil in the air and enjoy its anti-microbial properties.

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