10 Surprising Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those products I make sure I never run out of. You can easily to reap the nutritious benefits of apple cider vinegar by using it in salad dressings, tea or in a glass of plain water.

But, did you know there are many other uses for Apple cider vinegar (ACV) that aren’t related to nutrition? And today, I want to share 10 surprising and easy ways to use apple cider vinegar.



10 apple cider vinegar uses

1. Rinse your hair with ACV to wash away build up. It’s super healthy for your scalp and promotes hair growth. Furthermore, it leaves hair shinier and less frizzy.

2. ACV helps reduce blemishes! Sou need to do is dab a small amount on a cotton pad and apply to your face. It also helps reduce inflammation if you have a slight break out.

3. ACV can also reduce bad breath by fighting the bacteria in your mouth. Mix it with a bit of water and use as a mouth wash.

4. Mixing ACV with beauty clay makes an amazing face mask. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and watch it do its magic.

5. Add ACV to your bath water to help draw out toxins.  It will also leave your skin feeling revitalized.

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6. If you’ve got warts, strap and leave cotton wool or gauze soaked in ACV over the wart overnight. You should see results within a week. 

7. Soak aching feet in an ACV bath to soothe them. If you’re are a runner, are pregnant or on your feet all day, you’re going to love this one.

8. Apply ACV to your sunburnt skin to relieve the pain of sunburn and reduce the chance of peeling.

9. Use apple cider vinegar to get rid of hiccups – the sour taste of a straight teaspoon can stop hiccups.

10. If you’re out of deoderant, use ACV. Its acidity may give off a slight smell for the first few seconds after application, but it neutralises the smell of body odour and leaves you smelling neutral for the rest of the day.

Remember to buy organic ACV that is raw, unprocessed and unfiltered.

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