10 Ways To Get Rid Of Winter Blues

Many of us think that talking about the weather is making “small talk ” but you do need to take note of the weather because you are so affected by it.

Cold and wet weather can be depressing but it can also be a time for hibernating or understanding our rhythms and cycles. You need up time and down time. With winter coming to an end, you can do with more up than down time.

Here are ten ways to overcome the winter blues:

1. Get more sleep

Rather than wasting time in the evenings on watching mindless television or scrolling through social media sites on your smart phone, eat dinner and get into bed as early as possible. Read a book, meditate, make your to-do list for the next day and then sleep! A good nights sleep renews our body and mind, makes us think clearer, cope better and able to function more effectively. A rested body also gets sick less so get those 8 hours or more a night.

2. Do a jigsaw puzzle

Get the family involved or do it by yourself. Not only is this something you can do as a family, but its methodical, meditative and contemplative and makes you feel like you can construct and symbolically sort out your problems.

Burn your essences and oils using this Scentstation
Burn your essences and oils using this Scentstation

3. Make your own homemade soup

Spend time making soup from fresh vegetables and freeze it in portions. Prepare it with love and effort, which in itself is uplifting. A healthy bowl of soup is comforting, fortifying and nourishing.

4. Light candles

Even if there’s no lead shedding, place candles around your home and in the bathroom during a bath. The glow of candles is relaxing and soothing and brings a feeling of warmth and comfort to your home.

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Our high in demand Pewter Burners

5. Burn warming oils to create a soothing atmosphere

Oils such as cinnamon, ginger, orange and sandalwood create a warm atmosphere. Use an aromatherapy burner or a candle or if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, drop oils onto logs of wood to generate a gorgeous aroma when making a fire.

6. Arrange tea dates with family and friends

Make an effort to see people who you don’t see often. Everyone wants to be thought of and teatime is a social way to connect and share stories.

7. Stay warm and snuggle up

Winter is the perfect excuse for this. When you get home from work, don that onesie, put on an extra jersey, wear snuggly slippers and curl up with a warm blanket on the couch. Staying warm and dressing in layers is nurturing and comforting for the soul.

Wrought iron and glass burner
Wrought iron and glass burner

8. Exercise

A brisk ten or fifteen minute walk will release enough feel good hormones to keep you feeling joyful. Even skipping in your living room or doing star jumps gets the blood flowing, will warm you up and avert the blues.

9. Listen to music that makes you happy

Music warms the heart and nourishes the mind. Put on music of your choice to stave off any inkling of a downer. So stop listening to the news, switch off the TV and put the music on loud!

10. Start practicing the art of giving

The most uplifting action you can take to overcome the blues is offer your help or get involved with helping the less fortunate. Get involved in community projects, cook meals at your church or find out how you can help others in your area. The minute you start to focus on others you will free yourself from any self-pity.

When winter is over and the days get longer and sunnier, you will appreciate them more if you have nurtured yourself and hibernated to beat the winter blues.

Happy Monday!

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4 responses to “10 Ways To Get Rid Of Winter Blues”

  1. Yolandi North Avatar

    Love this. So practical. I’m already doing, but you’ve given me some fab new ideas too. xx

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Yolandi
      Yay, winter is finally over
      Time to move into our Summer sunshine moods

  2. Melanie Chisnall Avatar

    These are awesome! We really don’t have much to moan about when it comes to winter in SA, but having some tea, lighting a few candles and burning some incense are also some of my favourite ways to keep those blues away. I love winter – it’s such a good excuse to snuggle 🙂

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Melanie
      Thanks so much for your feedback. It sounds as if you are having a lovely cosy Winter. Enjoy!

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