12 Things To Keep In Your Portable Office

These days most of us have a portable office, or should I say laptop bag.  The one really great advantage of being a Blogger, is that we can work anywhere in the world from our portable office.

To begin with, I would suggest getting yourself the best laptop bag that you possibly can.  This bag will hopefully be travelling to all the corners of the earth with you.  For the past couple of years, I have had a sturdy, but boring black leather laptop bag, that is now looking tatty, and has had it’s day.  It is being replaced by new stylish red, with brown leather trim, Moshi’s Urbana briefcase.

                            Moshi Urbana Briefcase

This briefcase will enable me to carry my mobile essentials in style and comfort. It easily fits my laptop, and iPad, and even has room for me to comfortably pack all of the below. To put it simply, it is ‘perfectly amazing’.

Our portable offices should stay permanently packed, so that we can go anywhere “at the drop of a hat.”


1. Laptop

The most important thing to carry with you of course is your laptop.  I believe it is essential to have a cover to protect it from any damage, as without your laptop, your office is non functional.

2. Mouse

For some people this is not necessary, but I know that I work a lot more efficiently with one. I also have a mouse pad packed.


3. Reading glasses

If you wear glasses, it is a good idea to keep a cheap spare set in your portable office, just in case.

4. Powerbank

This will definitely come in handy! A portable power bank to charge your devices when they start losing battery

                          Moshi Ion Portable Battery

5. Chargers

For all your devices. The best for travelling are the 3 in one, that you can charge all your devices on. A car charger is handy addition to carry.

Moshi Charger
                           Moshi Charger Cable

6. Earphones

Especially if you are travelling by air, or working where there are people around you. They will also come in handy if you want to listen to music

                           Moshi Dulcia Earphones

7. Business Cards

You never know who you may meet on your travels.  It is often a great way to network, and it is essential that you can give out business cards with your details, if need be.

8. Pens

It is always handy to have a pen on you, which you may need for signing documents, credit cards etc.

Allure Stylus Ball Pen
Allure Stylus Ball Pen

9. Paper / Notepad

I sometimes need to have a piece of paper handy for jotting down notes, or writing etc.

10. Toiletries if need be

Sometimes I carry a deodorant and a lipstick, if i don’t have my hand bag on me.

Victorias Secret Coconut Passion
Victorias Secret Coconut Passion

11. iPad

I often carry this as well as my laptop when travelling, to quickly go through emails, if need be.  It also double up as a book, as I download them onto here.

Moshi Versa Pouch
Moshi Versa Pouch

12. External modem

For when there is no wi fi, and I have urgent work to do.

Not everyone has the same needs, so I have done a bit of research to give you more ideas if need be. Please only keep the essentials, you do not want it cluttered with unecessary things.  Some of these items are a bit crazy, but it is interesting to see what people carry around with them.  And a lot of these things could be done on the laptop, instead of carry it around.

Batteries, diary, leatherman, chewing gum,  toilet paper, cardboard, usb, scissors, sticky tape, camera, cloth, screen cleaner,  bottle opener, sudoko puzzle book, medication, sticky notes, car keys, book, magazine, computer books for dummies, stapler, punch, skrewdriver, headache pills, water bottle,  flashlight, paper clips, dried fruit, phone book and so much more.

Do you carry anything weird and wonderful in your portable desk/  laptop bag/ briefcase. Please let us know what it is, if you do!

About Moshi:

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  1. Emma Avatar

    I also carry a tiny notepad in my coat pockets wherever I go. So handy. Emma.

    1. admin Avatar

      HI Emma
      What a brilliant idea. I am always writing on scraps of paper, but I am going to do this in future

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