15 Daily Habits to Live a Balanced Lifestyle

My aim is to constantly try to live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.  Here are 15 simple daily habits that that work for me.

1) Wake up earlier than the rest of the family (Use this time to plan, meditate or reflect.)

2)  Delegate if need be (Rather let someone else do it for you, than it not be done at all.)

3) Plan ahead for holidays, entertaining and outings (This way you always have everything you need, when you need it.)

4) Stay focused (Means that the task on hand, is done quickly, and well)

5)  Keep to do lists (They must be prioritised into now, near and distant future.)5a0fb687dd8e65467816f1bea64cef5a

6)  Diarise everything (Including family’s arrangements, sports etc)

7)  Cook simple, healthy meals (They don’t take time, and give us loads of energy)

8)  Avoid getting sick (Take your vitamins)

9)  Plan each day the night before (Take out your clothes, arrange your diary, remove your food from the freezer.)

10) Sleep (A well rested person is so much more productive, than a tired person.)

10)  Set priorities (If your family comes 1st, then make sure you stick to it)008a08a7f76ab40c99fa660404f4f7c8

11)  Exercise (Daily exercise can include anything from strenuous cardio, to having a stroll after dinner.)

12)  Eat 6 healthy, smallish meals throughout the day (Including loads of fruit and vegetables.)

13)  Don’t waste time (If you don’t like what is on tv, or what you are reading etc, then stop.)

14)  Set parameters (Learn to say yes, and no)

15)  Align your goals with your passion (You will succeed at both if you do so)



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4 responses to “15 Daily Habits to Live a Balanced Lifestyle”

  1. Hilary Avatar

    Hi Pat.

    Learning to say No. Setting boundaries is my daily challenge. I have Let Go Let God tattoo’d on my arms to remind me. Detaching with love from all chaos.

  2. Pam Avatar

    Planning is so important to how you spend your time. All these points add up but yes 3 and 10 are most important to me

    1. Trish Avatar

      Hi Pam. Thanks so much for your feedback, and I agree point 3 is also one of the most important to me, especially having 4 children and running a business. Otherwise I would not manage to get everything done. If you have any more ideas to add, please let us know, so that we can share them with our readers.

      1. Pam Avatar

        Thankyou for replying to me Trish. I will have a think and get back. I am not much of a champion but I am more than happy with my three kids and job so I would say being thankful for what you have is another important thing to live by.

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