Lose Centimeters With Ceccarelli Fat Lipolyis

I have begun my  journey with Ceccarelli, in my quest to lose centimetres off my tummy.  It is a brand new “innovative fat lipolysis Mesotherapy solution”.  Formulated by Professor Ceccarelli, who is a regenerative, and physiological scientist in Rome.  Basically, it uses the “Fenton reaction” to re sculpt the body, or the face.  Dr Graham, from Skin Renewal kindly described this to me in layman’s terms, but I would suggest that if you would like more detailed info, to read up on it, here:  Skin Renewal

A solution of Vitamin C, and iron is mixed in a laboratory, and is 100% compliant with DOH regulations. It is then administered, with injections,  by a Doctor. For 3 days prior to my treatment, I drank at least 10 glasses of water, and took milk thistle tablets 3 times daily.  I will continue to do this for at least another month.  I was feeling a little anxious about how painful it would be having injections into my stomach, and as to whether there would be any side effects.

Thank goodness, I was pleasantly surprised, as the numerous injections were not painful at all.  The assistant put ice on the injected areas, and this was really soothing.  I had been warned about bruising, and by the time I got home, some of the bruises were visible.  Later on today I am going to lie under the lights at Skin Renewal, which will help with the bruising.  They are also going to take my measurements.

Drink Water For Best Results Ceccarelli Fat Lipolyis

I will continue to measure, and weigh myself weekly, and to give you feedback. I know it is a fairly slow process, and I will only know the full inch loss result in about a month time.  This is because the Ceccarelli slowly causes the fat cells to die (apoptosis).  One of the positives for me, is that it is a natural, safe treatment, with no side effects.

The body consists of three different kinds of fat. The first is structural fat, which protects our organs, and acts as a cushion in order to protect us on the inside. This is a very necessary and important fat.  The second is normal fat and is stored as backup energy to use when necessary. It is also an important fat in order for us to function optimally.  The third is abnormal fat. This is the fat that can’t be used in a nutritional emergency and is hard to lose.

Abnormal fat, no matter what diet a person tries, or how consistently they exercise, causes the problem areas that just won’t budge. Getting rid of these resistant fat pockets requires a slightly different approach, and the Ceccarelli treatment offers a perfect solution. It has been introduced at Body Renewal as the fat dissolving treatment of choice due to the fact that it is a safer option that causes less swelling and shows superior results in comparison to other fat dissolving treatments.

The Ceccarelli Fat Lipolysis works well as a stand-alone treatment for external fat, but combined with the Slender Wonder program which will reduce internal fat, you have a winning combination for weight reduction and re-sculpting the body. This is most certainly the fat dissolving treatment of choice, due to it’s superior results, and being an extremely safe option.

I would like to slim down a bit, and yesterday was officially the beginning of my weight loss journey.  I ate loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, and salads..  I am going to cut out refined sugar completely, and the only starch I will be allowing myself, will be potatoes.  I am also cutting out drinking alcohol during the week, and will only drink light wine on the weekends.

I went back to have my measurements taken today, 5 days after Ceccarelli treatment, and I am not telling you the results yet.  But I do feel as if my tummy is a little flatter, and I am even more motivated to eat healthily, and drink lots of water.  Watch this space, as I am so looking forward to sharing more info on this amazing inch loss treatment in a couple of weeks time. I am so excited to see the results, and if all goes well, who knows I may even try this on my face next.

P.s:  While I was at Skin Renewal today, I had an IV Infusion I highly recommend this for anyone that is run down, and needs a good boost of energy, and vitamins before winter. 

Wikipedia.”Fenton reaction

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3 responses to “Lose Centimeters With Ceccarelli Fat Lipolyis”

  1. Pamela Angle Avatar
    Pamela Angle

    Can you tell me more about the IV infusion? How does it work and do you feel the effects? Pamela

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Pamela
      Skin Renewal will email you some more info on the IV Infusions.
      I highly recommend them. I had one on Monday. I felt the effects immediately. I had been feeling stressed an exhausted. And, since them I have really felt good, and have had loads of energy.
      It is a vitamin drip which lasts about 20 minutes, and the vitamin cocktail is prescribed by the Doctor according to your needs. I had a combination of Vit B, Vit C and Magnesium. I would like the rest of our family to have one to build up their immunities before winter.
      If you have one, please give us feedback as to you you feel afterwards.
      Have a lovey day

      1. Trish Avatar

        Thank you for your interest in IV infusion therapy.
        We were asked by Life Retreat Blog site to contact you regarding your query and will gladly assist further.

        IV Infusions are done by our Medical staff (either a Medical Doctor, of Registered Nurse) who will administer a cocktail of supplements, according to what your body needs.
        Before we do this treatment for you, you will consult with our Integrative Medical Doctor, Dr Graham Duncombe, who will advise on the best treatment course and ingredients that would best benefit you. You have to see the Doctor first, and he has to be on site, to adhere to the stringent rules and regulations of the department of Health – it is important that wherever you decide to have IV therapy done that certain guidelines are in place for your own safety. At Skin Renewal Somerset West (and all our practices nationwide) we adhere to all the rules as stipulated by the department of health to ensure our patients and their treatments are done with the highest safety & quality measures in place.

        The Infusions are made for each patient in a sterile off-site laboratory, only using the highest quality products for the best benefits.
        IV Infusions work best when done as a course and you will feel accumulated benefits, though you can feel a burst of energy after a single session (depending on the ingredients).

        The most common ingredients for an IV infusion include: Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Neurobian.
        The cost greatly depends on the amount and specific ingredients your body needs.

        If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr Graham, kindly let me know? There is a R400 consultation fee, and your IV cost will be discussed during this initial session where we check your medical history, and get a more comprehensive overview of your general health & how we can best assist you.

        For more information, kindly visit our website at: http://www.healthrenewal.co.za/about-iv-infusions
        If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will gladly assist J #skinrenewal

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