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2 for 1 Month Unlimited Offer for New Members

Most people associate Chiropractors and Physiotherapists with back and neck pain relief. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA), defines chiropractic services as those “used most often to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints, including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, and headaches.”

Practising yoga offers the benefits of flexibility, muscle strength, energy, balance and overall physical health. Plus, enhanced athletic performance, and protection from injury, as well as mental health perks, according to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

Each modality, when used separately, help to restore and maintain good health.

Why are there significant benefits to combining various treatments with Yoga?

People often turn to yoga for its health perks. Many studies have shown a reduction in back and neck pain, Plus stress release and relief from depression after practising. A significant portion of the population now practices yoga. Many of whom may also receive chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment. We encourage Doctors, and Practitioners to understand how yoga affects the musculoskeletal system. Life Retreat Studio Teachers are always available to advise which form of Yoga is ideal for each Client.

The different yoga poses activate muscles. Having basic knowledge is useful in evaluating which ones clients are doing and how they are affecting their physical health and treatment. Balance and movement are two necessities to creating and maintaining a healthy life. Chiropractic, physio and yoga all focus on these. “Chiropractic helps restore proper motion to the spine and yoga continues that by increasing range of motion, flexibility and joint strength.”

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Yoga for rehabilitation:

Chiropractic helps to align the spine properly and maximises the function of the nervous system and enhances balance, and yoga intensifies those benefits. We recommend that clients take yoga class three times per week, as this ensures clients become healthier, pain-free and happier.

The good news is that a healthy yoga routine helps alleviate pain and strengthen muscles for support. Yoga has proven to help heal back pain and prevent reoccurring pain more than traditional treatments alone.”

At Life Retreat Studio, we recommend that Clients who are either beginners to Yoga, or who are undergoing Chiropractic treatment begin with our Yin Yoga Classes. Once you feel improvement, our experienced Teachers will suggest what form of Yoga to continue with regularly.

We offer private classes either at our Studio or at Clients home or premises.

Is Yoga safe to do when suffering from back/ neck or joint pain?

Yes!, but only once a Doctor has given the go-ahead. Yoga has many of the same goals and outcomes as chiropractic treatment: increased mobility, flexibility & balance; decreased stress; and better sleep. Besides, yoga stretches and strengthens almost every muscle in o body. So yes, yoga is an excellent addition to a natural health care regime. The benefits gained from yoga – specifically improved flexibility and strength – can make chiropractic adjustments more accessible and more effective.

What type of yoga should one do?

There are many different forms of yogic practice, and instructors may adhere strictly to one type, or incorporate elements of several. Typically, classes are listed as beginner, intermediate & advanced. It is essential to talk to the instructor first and ensure that Clients are in the right class. Yoga done correctly is wonderfully beneficial. It is vital to speak to the instructor before class, letting them know about all aches and pains and thereby enabling the instructor to recommend other poses beneficial to health and wellness.

Which Postures Are Recommended To Do At Home?

Recommended Rehab yoga poses, with the consent of your Chiropractor, or Physiotherapist.

– Child’s Pose

– Cat/Cow Pose

– Downward Facing Dog Pose

– Eagle Pose

– Runners Lunge

– Pigeon Pose

– Spinal Twist

– Triangle pose

Experiencing pain during practice?

Pain in the body means tissues or joints are suffering from damage or trauma. It could be an inflamed joint or tendon, or a strained muscle. Perhaps it is only in certain positions and angles that you feel pain. Regardless, if the pain is stopping one from achieving specific postures, then it could be time for a professional assessment and diagnosis.

Are you getting stuck with some postures?

If one has been practising yoga for a while and has improved in some postures, but still finding others are complicated and unchanging, chiropractic or physio treatments will assist.

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Help?

Chiropractic treatment detects areas of uneasy movement in joints, and delivers a “Chiropractic Adjustment” which is a quick stretch to that stiff joint, Sometimes requiring manipulation and may make a popping sound, or it can be done in another way too, without the crack. It has both neurological and physical benefits. It moves into the joints, thereby stretching surrounding ligaments and tendons, which physically creates more movement in the joint. From a neurological perspective, it helps the brain reconnect to that stiff joint. It acts a reminder to the cerebellum, that it can move this way, and re-establishes that connection. They are leading to greater awareness of that joint, better balance, posture, and usually a better functioning joint.

How will physiotherapy help?

Yoga and physiotherapy have evolved into a joint targeted active, holistic approach towards optimal rehabilitation in a wide a range of patients, with emphasis on global healing of body, mind moreover, soul to ensure both achievement and maintenance Of optimal health. The benefits of yoga-physiotherapy have been Documented in various studies, including hypertension, exercise intolerance due to coronary artery disease, diabetes, tachycardia, palpitation, and insomnia. The combination is also beneficial for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, urinary urgency and incontinence and migraines and headaches.

Physiotherapy originated in yoga, as seen in the starting postures, prone positions and hyperextensions. However, Hippocrates was credited as the first to teach manual manipulation in 460 BC. The combined yoga-physiotherapy approach is, therefore, not surprising. Physiotherapy focuses on body function and dysfunction. It includes the treatment of musculoskeletal disabilities to hasten to heal and restore function. Yoga focuses on the wellbeing and healing of the whole person.

Can one do yoga if overweight?

Yes! It is essential to practice yoga if one is overweight. Plus, a guided weight loss program should be adhered to. Extra weight puts extra pressure on joints, so to heal fully, one should be at a comfortable weight. The therapeutic benefits of yoga, incorporates relaxation, breathing the technique, physical exercise and mindful-meditation have been documented.

What if one’s body feels asymmetric?

Are you feeling more flexibility or strength on one side of the body? Some asymmetry in our bodies is natural. We are usually dominant on one side, which means everyone is going to have a stronger side and a tighter side. However, if finding there is a vast difference on each side of one posture, there may be a joint complex somewhere that can improve with some chiropractic adjustments. Get a deeper understanding of how the systems work. When certain parts of our bodies feel tight, it often means they are compensating for a more profound weakness.

Still, feeling tense after class?

Yin Yoga has the benefit of making one feel like a new person. This practice has many benefits for tension and stress release. However, if one finds that they are still dealing with periods of tension in neck, head and shoulders despite practising Yoga, then other treatments combined will help.

Is Yoga’s focus on the breath?

Physiologically, the breath and the neural system are linked. One way to use breath is to stimulate the body and energise one. When we get excited about something or stressed out, our heart rate and breath rate often increases. At the same time, our breath becomes shallow. Yogic breathing leads to calmness. Slow, long exhaling stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows everything down and promotes a state of relaxation. Using the breath in specific ways can affect how people feel, enabling them to deal with stress and improve sleep.

In Conclusion:

All these disciplines, combined with Yoga, complement each other. A multi-disciplinary setting ensures results in synergy, enhancing the benefits of each approach. They lead to additional benefits, including alleviating pain and promoting healing. In their broadest sense, they heal at mental, physical and spiritual levels. They all advocate alignment and balance between stretching and strengthening to improve posture as well as exercise for expanding the range of movement without causing or aggravating the injury. Emphasising the importance of movement, mobility, locomotion and posture.

Multiple other modalities are used in healing one’s body, such as Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Deep tissue Massage, Thermal therapy, Electrical therapy, Acupuncture, Body Stress Release, Biokinetics, Body Alignment, CranioSacral therapy, Needling,

Optimal results are achievable, and it is vitally important that everyone, including the instructors, physicians, Caregivers and the patient, is kept in the loop.

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